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Inside The Short-Lived Straight Hair Era Of Jack Harlow

Inside The Short-Lived Straight Hair Era Of Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow is the heartthrob of many ladies because of his stacked curly hair. But not many can really imagine the American rapper with straight hair. Well, it appears that before he gained a fandom for his current appearance, Harlow did have a relatively normal hairstyle.

 The 25-year-old has broken through the Rap scene since collaborating with Lil Nas X for his hit single ‘Industry Baby’ a few years ago. Moreover, his own single ‘First Class’ gained him a lot of accolades and helped him break into mainstream attention.

Harlow is already a multi-grammy award nominated artist and has released two albums in his career. He was named in Forbes 30 under 30 a few years ago, making him one of the most influential artists around currently.

The American rapper has also gained fandom because of his appearance. He has a really unique curly hairstyle, something which isn’t really that prominent in the American rap scene right now.

His hairstyle is so influential that there are probably tons of websites online that give step-by-step details on how to replicate it. However, Harlow hasn’t always stuck with this particular style and has donned other hairstyles in the past too.

Jack Harlow’s Straight Hair Stuns Fans

The ‘Industry Baby’ star has predominantly kept the curly hairstyle over the last few years, whenever traveling for live performances or in music videos. However, Harlow changed up his style quite a lot for his appearance in Saturday Night Live (SNL) in October 2022.

While he didn’t host SNL, Harlow was invited to be part of multiple skits on the show. To ‘blend in’ to the character designed for him on SNL, he changed up his appearance to confuse fans.

The American rapper suddenly got rid of his curly hair and instead opted to straighten it. He also trimmed his hair a little bit to recreate a ‘normal man’ hairstyle, looking more like a geek rather than a Grammy-nominated rapper.

Harlow was tasked to portray the role of a wedding guest, as he dressed up in a full suit and brought down his hair for the occasion. In reality, of course, he did not cut his hair for this one occasion. Harlow mostly wore a hair patch or a designed wig that helped cover his curly hairstyle with this short, straight style.

To his credit, Jack actually pulled off his nerd-like hairstyle perfectly and managed to swoon a lot of fans. A lot of supporters actually love his simplistic, short hairstyle and how ‘clean’ he looks in it.

What Has Jack Harlow Said About His Hair And Appearance

In the same episode of SNL when he decided to portray a character with short hair, Harlow also brought back his iconic curly hair in it as well. He gave a funny monologue about the stereotypes around him and his appearance, saying: “It’s been a big year for me … A lot of people have been saying I’m the goat and they don’t mean the ‘Greatest Of All Time,

“They mean the goat from Narnia. One guy said, ‘I don’t know why ya’ll think Jack Harlow’s so special, you can find anyone who looks like him at any local gas station. I’ve heard them say, ‘like if you tried to draw Justin Timberlake from memory.’”

“I think my favorite one might be, ‘I think Jack Harlow looks like the guy who rips the tickets in half at the movies.”

Harlow appears to be very chill about whatever his critics have to say about his appearance, knowing all too well that his fanbase loves him irrespective of whether he dons his curly style or even with a normal short hair-do.