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Is Lionel Messi Battling Receding Hairline? Fans Notice McDonald’s Pattern on His Head

Is Lionel Messi Battling Receding Hairline? Fans Notice McDonald’s Pattern on His Head

Lionel Messi is now set to have a relaxing period after having a taxing last year with little rest. With Inter Miami failing to make the MLS playoffs, Messi won’t be in action for his club in 2023 anymore. The only matches he’ll play is for Argentina in the November international break.

Despite all that, Messi is still the overwhelming favourite to win the 2023 Ballon d’Or. His heroics at the 2023 World Cup is likely to help him pip Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland to the trophy. Messi won his first Ballon d’Or award at the age of 22 and is set to win his eighth one at the age of 36.

Even though he might still be outperforming players half his age, Messi’s age is beginning to show. He is no longer the baby-faced magician that delighted the Camp Nou crowd. Despite having maintained himself to look younger than he is, Messi doesn’t seem to have control over his hairline. There now seems to be a permanent shape to how his hairline looks like.

Over the years, Messi has styled his hair in quite a few ways. He started off with long hair before transitioning to the short hairstyle he currently has. Despite that, his hairline on his forehead area seems to have permanently shaped to an ‘M’ shape.

Indeed, a viral picture of a close-up of Messi’s hairline has shown that. It appears that the way he has styled his hair has created that ‘M’ like symbol on his forehead. Some feel that is done to symbolize the ‘M’ that signifies his name. However, others can’t stop but see the resemblance of his forehead shape and that with the McDonald’s logo.

The ‘M’ logo of McDonald’s has been an iconic one in the food industry for decades. But having a forehead shape that replicates that logo isn’t something that celebrities would want. It appears that Messi has become the latest celebrity to have that McDonald’s symbol on their hairline.

He isn’t the first footballer to be mocked for having that kind of a hair shape either. Chelsea goalkeeper Robert Sanchez attracted a lot of criticism for his errors in their 2-2 draw against Arsenal recently. It appears that some fans feel that he has that McDonald’s symbol on his hairline too, like Messi.

A lot of celebrities including Henry Cavill have been mocked for having this kind of a weird hair shape too.

The McDonald’s hairline symbol can only be created if one styles their hair in a specific way, similar to how Messi has done right now.

Of course, this can also be changed if he just decides to change up his hairstyle again. Messi has experimented with different hairstyles over the years so it won’t be surprising if he got rid of this current hairline and cut his hair down even shorter.