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Fans Compare Henry Cavill’s Hairline To Iconic McDonald’s Logo

Fans Compare Henry Cavill’s Hairline To Iconic McDonald’s Logo

Hollywood Hunk Henry Cavill has long held the honor of being one of the most attractive men in the industry, but in recent years, the 39-year-old’s hairline has begun letting him down.

The British actor has enjoyed a successful career spanning two decades, with his debut coming all the way back in 2001’s Laguna. 

A series of appearances in supporting roles followed before Cavill landed the role that would help him breach the mainstream.

As Charles Brandon on Showtime’s TV production ‘The Tudors’, Cavill earned plenty of acclaims.

His chiseled looks saw him rocket to the top of Hollywood’s Most Desirable list, while his hulking physique earned him the moniker of a ‘beefcake’.

The actor continued on an upward trajectory, and in 2011, he was cast in the role that would cement his status in pop culture folklore.

Cavill was officially roped in to play Superman for Zack Snyder’s 2013 release ‘Man of Steel’.

Many can only dream of having such an iconic role bestowed upon them, and Cavill certainly did Krypton’s son justice With his somber and earnest iteration of the character, the actor earned praise from fans and critics alike, despite the movie’s mixed reception. 

Cavill donned the cape once again for 2016’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. And while his acting performance remained faultless, his hairline started to show some flaws.

Henry Cavill’s receding hairline in BvS: Dawn of Justice 

By 2016, Cavill was no longer the fresh-faced newcomer on the block. 

Now in his early 30s, the actor’s facial features had matured noticeably, the most apparent of which was his receding hairline. 

In BvS, Cavill’s hair exhibited obvious signs of recession.

When compared to his first appearance as Superman, the actor’s hairline looked visibly depleted, and the corners of his hair had started to scale all the way back to the center forming a widow’s peak. 

Clark Kent’s signature slicked-back hairstyle didn’t give his hairline any room to hide either, and Cavill’s hair loss became public knowledge.

Why did Henry Cavill’s hairline begin to recede?

Like most men in their thirties, Cavill’s hairline changes came about naturally. 

Male Pattern baldness is known to be a common occurrence among aging men, and very few can preserve the youthful glory of their hair once they hit 30. 

The same looks have happened with the British Actor, while his looks continue to age perfectly, his hair hasn’t fared so well.

Fortunately for him, the hair loss seems to center around the area of his temples, and hence, the chances for excessive balding are relatively less. 

Cavill looks to have embraced his aging hairline, as the actor hasn’t adopted any methods to hide the recession during his public appearances. 

Fans compared Henry Cavill’s receding hairline to McDonald’s logo 

While the actor has clearly made peace with his receding hairline, fans online have been far less kind. 

With Cavill’s forehead becoming more prominent each year as his hairline shifts further back, the actor has attracted numerous trolls surrounding his hair.

Some of these point out the drastic difference between his real age and how old his hairline looks to be. While others likened the widow’s peak at the center of his hair to the famous logo of the Fast Food chain McDonald’s.

Due to the vast gaps near the center of his hair, fans found the shape to be uncannily similar to golden arches that make up McDonald’s logo.

Despite the naturally receding hairline, Henry Cavill remains one of Hollywood’s best-looking actors.