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Look: Ciro Messi’s Secret Salute to Argentina During Inter Miami Unveil

Look: Ciro Messi’s Secret Salute to Argentina During Inter Miami Unveil

Argentina fans will be delighted to notice this little tribute by Ciro Messi on his plaster during his dad Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami presentation.

The moment was captured when the youngest of Leo’s sons, Ciro, appeared at the DRV PNK Stadium with the substitute jersey of the Florida team and a unique detail that drew all eyes: the albiceleste flag drawn on his arm in a cast.

As Lionel Messi, accompanied by his wife Antonela and their children Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro, arrived at the stadium for his official presentation as Inter Miami’s new reinforcement, the stormy weather caused a delay.

The moment Lionel Messi stepped out of the car, he held Mateo’s hand, with Antonela Rocuzzo following close behind with Thiago and Ciro. It was Ciro’s left arm in a cast that stole the show, with the Argentine flag carefully drawn near his fingers. 

Ciro Messi had been sporting the cast for a few weeks, but it was this small detail that went viral on social media and sparked an outpouring of love from Argentine fans.

What made this tribute even more special was the fact that Ciro was born in Barcelona, Spain, where his father had a legendary career until mid-2021, before joining Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Now, the entire family has embarked on a new journey together in Miami, supporting Lionel as he begins a new stage in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States.

The delayed presentation due to the storm emphasized the importance of safety for everyone involved. The Inter Miami networks urged fans to stay in their vehicles until further notice, ensuring the well-being of those attending the event. 

Despite the unforeseen circumstances, the excitement among the fans remained unwavering, and when Lionel Messi finally took the stage, the atmosphere was electrifying.

Ciro Messi’s cheeky Argentina tribute during his father Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami presentation left fans delighted and touched. The gesture not only showcased the bond between the Messi family and Argentina but also highlighted the excitement surrounding Lionel Messi’s new journey with Inter Miami in the MLS. Ciro’s small yet significant tribute became a symbol of hope and unity for all the fans who adore Lionel Messi.

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