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The Startling Cost of Pink Inter Miami Kit Lionel Messi Wore to His Unveil

The Startling Cost of Pink Inter Miami Kit Lionel Messi Wore to His Unveil

Delving into the details of the pink Lionel Messi Inter Miami kit, it’s evident that this jersey has caused a frenzy among fans and has become a sought-after item due to the arrival of the Argentine superstar to the MLS team. 

During Lionel Messi’s official presentation, he surprised many by opting not to wear his new Inter Miami #10 shirt, choosing instead to promote his own brand by wearing a white shirt from his Adidas collection. Nevertheless, fans got a glimpse of the soccer icon in the full Inter Miami kit through a video shared by the club, featuring a warm greeting between Messi and the team’s co-owner, David Beckham.

While the official Lionel Messi jersey has not yet been released for sale, fans who attended “The Unveil” had the opportunity to purchase a shirt with the name and number 10 at the stadium for $200. However, for those who sought alternatives, unofficial Messi jerseys could be found in other stores for around $120 to $130, albeit without the authenticity and quality of the official product.

Inter Miami offers a variety of jerseys for men, women, and children, ranging from $140 to $195 for men’s shirts, $100 to $125 for women’s models, and $90 to $105 for children’s sizes. Additionally, there is a special David Beckham edition, featuring his last name and the number 23, priced at approximately $160.

The Inter Miami jerseys, including Messi’s, are designed with unique characteristics that reflect the club’s identity. “The Heart Beat” pink jersey is a simple yet powerful representation of Miami’s culture and features the phrase “Freedom to dream” on the upper back, evoking the club’s ambitions and aspirations. 

The black alternate jersey, known as “La Palma,” is striking with its contrasting black and pink accents, exuding a sense of style and power.

Aside from the official club store, fans can buy the Inter Miami jerseys through various channels, including the official MLS store and official Adidas outlets, both in physical stores and online. However, availability may vary depending on the region and the demand for the merchandise.

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