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Fans Think Erik Ten Hag Was Rizzing Laura Woods Up: Here’s The Video

Fans Think Erik Ten Hag Was Rizzing Laura Woods Up: Here’s The Video

Manchester United narrowly escaped a draw against Copenhagen in their latest UEFA Champions League fixture. With a 1-0 win at Old Trafford, United can still fight for a place at the KO stage. The Red Devils have won only 1 out of the three matches of their UCL campaign, but there is still hope with three matches to go.

The heroes at Old Trafford weren’t the regular culprits, but the players that the fans regularly dredged for their mistakes on the field. Harry Maguire scored the single goal and Andre Onana made a last-minute penalty save. It was an unbelievable night at Old Trafford for the Red Devil fans.

Along with exciting matches, come enticing interviews. The clip of one such interview has been strolling around football fans online.

Clip in question is from a post-match interview with Erik ten Hag. The interview was with TNT Sport’s Laura Woods, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes.

The video is from the end of the interview where the reporters and the United boss are saying their goodbyes. Laura leans towards the Dutch manager to get her voice through the mic, saying,

Thank you Erik, thank you for interviewing me as well, it’s different!, Congratulations…

Just as the English presenter is about to shake hands, the Red Devils’ Gaffer turns away to attend to Ferdinand and Scholes. Ten Hag seemed to be playing the ‘hard to get’ game.

Laura was left hanging where she pulled her hand back and did a shake hand with the air. It was a totally embarrassing moment for the TV presenter. She also appeared to be blushing through the end. The Dutch manager played his cards later with a warm handshake.

After the formalities, Erik said thank you and Laura also had some words to say.

“Thank you so much, total embarrassment!! Thank you, appreciate that Erik Ten Hag”

The Red Devils manager also said something back to her after the handshake, which is unclear, and gave her a pat on the back. Laura, filled with embarrassment and nerves, tried to explain the situation to her colleagues, but failed miserably.

The fans were quick to react to the incident. Many suggested that Ten Hag tried to rizz up the 36-year-old woman. According to Wiktionary rizz up means, to seduce a (usually female) love interest; to attract someone using rizz.

One fan wrote –

While others who were unaware of the interview, were searching for the clip.

Whether the Dutch Gaffer was trying to rizz up the English presenter is up to guesses, but the duo has had different love interests through the past.

Erik Ten Hag is married to Bianca Ten Hag, and the couple has three children. Reports suggest that the two of them have been together since they were kids, which makes up for a great fairy tale story. Other details of Ten Hag’s wife are not known.

Laura Woods hasn’t settled in her life yet and currently is dating former ‘Love Island’ contestant Adam Collard. This was recently revealed in September 2023 when the two were out on a date. Previously, the English Presenter has dated Rugby player Alex Corbisiero for 8 years before they split up when she was 30.