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Erling Haaland Claims Aguero as His Idol But Old Video Shows He Lied

Erling Haaland Claims Aguero as His Idol But Old Video Shows He Lied

Manchester City wasted no time in the market this season and managed to land in-demand striker Erling Haaland early. The former Dortmund superstar is already a formidable force at 21, with his ceiling being remarkably high. 

A marquee signing by every definition, the Norwegian will certainly boost City’s chances of finally winning the coveted UCL, a dream they’ve been chasing for almost a decade. 

The City faithful finally got a closer look at Haaland yesterday, as he was presented in front of thousands, alongside new recruit Julian Alvarez.

Naturally, Cityzens roared as the Norwegian took to the stage, and it didn’t take long for the charismatic No. 9 to get the crowd hyped up. 

When responding to a question about his most awaited fixture next season, Haaland took a cheeky dig at Manchester United, riling up the blue crowd in the process.

And he managed to do it again when he was asked about his footballing idol. 

The former Dortmund man answered with Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero, and the sound levels went up once again. 

City supporters were certainly pleased with Haaland’s responses, but it didn’t take long for fans online to do some digging and bring forward the truth. 

A clip from Haaland’s interview with Dortmund soon began to go viral, which displayed his alternate response to the very same question. In it, the Norwegian opts for Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic as his idols, with no sight of Sergio Aguero at all.

Perhaps the striker simply had a change of heart as time went on. 

Nevertheless, users online seemed to suggest that his answer had more to do with pleasing fans than telling the truth. You can’t fault the approach if that is indeed the case, as it did end up getting the desired reaction. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know the truth.