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California Condor or Jude Bellingham? Fans Spot Uncanny Resemblance

California Condor or Jude Bellingham? Fans Spot Uncanny Resemblance

Jude Bellingham’s ‘arms spread’ celebration has now become a viral trend all over the world. It now looks like humans are not the only living beings that are replicating the celebration. Indeed, recently it appears that a creature from the bird species was also inspired by Bellingham.

The Real Madrid star has been one of the best players in world football this season, scoring 10 goals in as many appearances for Los Blancos. But his arm spread celebration is something that fans love seeing. Now, one California Condor seems to have created that trademark move as well.

The California Condor is a New World Vulture and the largest land bird species found in North America. Recently, a video went viral on social media where a California Condor was released into the wild by animal activists after presumably treating him for some kind of injury.

The Candor immediately decided to spring their long wings wide and that pose with the wings stretched wide has attracted hilarious reactions from Football Twitter. A lot of football fans have noticed that the Candor might be trying out the Bellingham celebration with this act.

There is actually some hilarious resemblance between the two gestures. The way that the vulture spreads its wings out wide almost seems like a way for it to show off its majestic wings and how amazing it looks in the pose. Similarly, Bellingham’s celebration also seems like a case of him asking others to embrace his brilliance.

The Real Madrid star’s influence is clearly growing all over the globe and seemingly across multiple species as well. Bellingham is riding high on momentum, but is aware of the need to maintain his incredible performance levels over the course of the next decade to be the true heir to Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.