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What Does Belligol Symbolize? Jude Bellingham Celebration Meme Explained

What Does Belligol Symbolize? Jude Bellingham Celebration Meme Explained

If you are a football enthusiast and browse the social media regularly, then surely, you might have come across the ‘Belligol’ meme that has been making rounds on the internet for months now.

What is this Belligol and what does it have to do with the football world ? Let’s try to find out for ourselves.

Belligol is actually a meme format that consists of putting any animal, person or object in a position similar to that of the Real Madrid superstar Jude Bellingham in his celebration pose: open arms raised half way on either side with a menacing look on his face.

It accompanies a sound that comes from Brazilian sports commentator Rogerio Vaughan’s audio during the match between Real Madrid and Getafe in September 2023. The meme has made it to every social media platform now but it went viral first, on the Chinese app TikTok where the ‘original’ has amassed millions of views.

While going in deeper to understand the origins of the meme, it turns out that Brazilians, even before this original version, were comparing the Bellingham pose to a pose that the native anteaters make when they are on the defensive.

Now, even the official Real Madrid C.F. X (previously twitter) account has joined in on the hype, going as far as to creating a catchy chant for him.

Jude Victor William Bellingham is currently, arguably the best player for Real Madrid and the midfielder has been scoring goals left and right, game after game. With already taking his goal tally to 13 this season in La Liga alone, the celebration is bound to happen and hence more and more of the Belligol memes turning up.

The €103 million transfer has been shaping up to be the signing of the summer after putting on captivating performances week in, week out. The hype and attention thus warranted, is leading to social media fawning over the 20 year old.

Whether it be news articles or through memes people are appreciating and mimicking the talent who has managed to register 17 goals in just 20 games for the Los Blancos. Comparisons to the likes of Ronaldo have already started.

Creative, as the people of the internet often are, there have been plenty of imaginative instances of Belligol that have been popping up all over. All kinds of animal and people footage have been turned into the Belligol. Some even have gone as far as referencing Christ the Redeemer pose to the Belligol celebration.

If that wasn’t entertaining enough, even the Titanic pose has fallen prey to this trend. Mick Jagger himself wasn’t spared by the trolls when he showed up to watch a Real Madrid game.

If you check urban dictionary for Belligol explanation, interestingly enough, it has gathered a whole another meaning. Not only that, but even songs and mixes of Belligol have made it to the mainstream market in the form of Belligol song, Bellingham Funk etc.

Belligol has become a viral cultural phenomenon and if not already, you are bound to encounter this gem on your social media feed. Hope we helped you discover something worthwhile and you enjoy the meme as much as we have.