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Debunking Rumors About Age Gap Between Endrick And His Girlfriend Gabriely Miranda

Debunking Rumors About Age Gap Between Endrick And His Girlfriend Gabriely Miranda

Latest in the long running tradition of producing wonderkids, this time it is Endrick, that Brazil has made the world, turn its head towards. And yet another wonderkid in a long list of such talent acquisitions, grabbed by Los Galácticos to strengthen their stronghold on La Liga.

The 17 year old was present this time at the Bernabéu to witness his new team smash Villareal this weekend and was even seen celebrating the Belligol style with his girlfriend.

As the cameras scoured for a glimpse of the future star, the netizens had turned the spotlight onto the girlfriend and that too not for any good reasons, I am afraid.

“She is securing the bag”, claimed one while another one hinted towards her being a gold digger. Others were questioning ‘how this is even ok?’, while speculating about the age of the blonde. One person questioned if the things would be viewed in the same light if the genders were reversed.

The girl in question is São Paulo based Instagram model Gabriely Miranda. She has around 250k followers on Instagram and is an avid football fan.

She has been seen at various Palmeiras games which along with the shared love for the national team and football in general, has brought the couple together.

People have been speculating about her age and making random guesses to bolster their claims about the relationship being creepy. Some termed her “22 year old grown ass woman” while others ended up guessing the number 23.

In factual terms, the Brazilian model is 20 years old and just 3 years older to the 2006 born Endrick. To add more water to this fire, she has been seen with the player’s family during his games which one would assume means that the family is okay with the relationship.

The technical squad amongst the online warriors were quick to point out that the legal age of consent in Brazil is 14 while in Spain its 16, making it all good in legal and technical terms. Some natives were seen mentioning that this kind of age difference is a common thing in the Latin countries.

This concern among the crowd seems to be stemming from previous such incidents which have left a bad taste in their mouth.

One such recent incident was with the PSG star Achraf Hakimi, where the age difference among the couple was 12 years. The relationship didn’t work out and the player is stuck in a loophole of divorce settlements. The Antony situation at Manchester United is another one that is still fresh in people’s mind and things have barely settled over there.

The couple however seem serious about this relationship and have posted about each other on their respective social media to make it official. They were seen together at Brasileiro Awards recently.

As Endrick’s promising career unfolds on the field, the attention on his personal life adds a layer of scrutiny and discussion which fortunately or unfortunately is the way how things go nowadays and he is going to have to be mentally prepared on how to deal with it.