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Who is Cintia Sousa? Endrick’s Mom Goes to War to Prevent Son from Marrying Older Girlfriend

Who is Cintia Sousa? Endrick’s Mom Goes to War to Prevent Son from Marrying Older Girlfriend

Talking of superstars to come and take the world by storm, you simply can’t miss out on Endrick can you. The 17 year-old boy phenomenon has already been making waves in his career as he’s set to play for one of the biggest and most prestigious clubs in the world in Real Madrid from next season.

After bamboozling South America for some time now, Endrick is ready to take it to the next step in Europe. If his recent exploits with the Brazilian National Team are any indication, bagging goals against England and Spain, he is going straight to the very top.

The boy wonder is definitely finding himself on the front pages of dailies, not only for his stellar performances and Pele-esque narratives, but also because of his rather controversial relationship with his girlfriend.

Endrick has been dating Gabriely Miranda, a Brazilian model for six months now and the his meteoric rise makes it impossible for the spotlight to miss out on his girlfriend.

Recently, the Madrid bound teenager was in conversation with a renowned Brazilian TV host and producer Pedro Bial on the variety show ‘Fantastico’. Endrick and his family made the headlines yet again for an awkward and controversial Q&A session with his mother and his girlfriend during the interview

With their relationship a major talking point, Endrick’s mother Cintia who was in the audience was asked if the couple are planning to marry soon. It prompted a strong and firm answer on her part where she strongly disapproved of any such major decisions in the best interest of her son’s burgeoning career.

His well-wishers are also quite skeptical of the age difference between the two. While Miranda is 21 and Endrick turns 18 in the summer, they are both at different stages of their career and life with probably different priorities.

Such is the emphasis on the four year age gap that the Gabriely was embarrassed to answer a question regarding her age in the recent interview.

Endrick’s mother has clearly taken a hard stance on her son’s relationship with Miranda. If her post on Instagram is anything to go on, where she conveniently cropped Gabriely out of the picture, it’s probably her disapproval of their union.

Cintia Sousa is an entrepreneur and a social media influencer who ‘journals her journey and life and inspires to live their life happily.’ Having made her name on her own through Instagram, she knows the importance of making it big and living to your full potential. A goal which requires focus and commitment in grand measure. Moreover as a mother, her priorities are clear and straight as she wants to see her son succeed.

In any case, the reaction by Cintia is no way a impulsive one. Endrick has drawn a lot more attention to himself recently for his unique relationship with Gabriely and the family along with his fans are a tad bit wary of his pre occupancy with it.

Apparently, the two young love birds have also signed a ‘relationship contract’ to preserve and prolong their relationship. It’s fair to say they have come up with rather uncanny terms and conditions.

One such clause makes it mandatory that Endrick and Miranda say “I love you” to each other in all situations. Some other serious clauses call for prohibition of drastic changes in behaviour and addiction to substances such as alcohol.

While the contract does induce a sense of discipline in Endrick, it certainly takes away some of his focus from his game. Atleast, his family and his current Palmeiras coach feel that way.

The fact Gabriely and Endrick entered into a relationship right around the time his bumper 60 millon euro move to Real Madrid was announced, certainly adds fuel to the fire and the narrative that she is in it for his potential wealth. The publicity at such an early age and not necessarily for the right reasons, doesn’t bode well for a young footballer.

Regardless of one’s stance, Endrick is a talented footballer, mature well beyond his years on the field. But he’s still a kid stepping out on the world stage and needs guidance handling the ever increasing fame and glamour from his loved ones. Whether his girlfriend can help him with it as a model herself, remains to be seen. His mother certainly doesn’t think so.

Thankfully for him, his family is very concerned and monitors his life as any parent would do for their teenage child. Endrick has the talent, but if he has the humility as well, the sky’s limit for the wonderkid.