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Fans Fear Over Endrick’s Future After GF Inserts IG Clause in Relationship Contract

Fans Fear Over Endrick’s Future After GF Inserts IG Clause in Relationship Contract

Endrick’s pending summer arrival at Real Madrid is attracting a lot of attention in the media. While the young gem is definitely a player with an immense ceiling, touted as one of the players to dominate the new generation of footballers, he finds himself in the headlines for reasons that won’t help his career all that much.

The boy phenomenon is currently making the rounds in the media for his rather controversial relationship with his girlfriend.

Endrick is currently dating Gabriely Miranda, a Brazilian model for six months now. A lot of the talk recently hasn’t been about the unusual four year age gap between the two, but rather their ‘relationship contract’ which is proving to be a major talking point about Endrick.

The Brazilian couple have signed a mutual agreement that dictate the rules of their relationship. A code of conduct that decide the behaviours of the two towards each other and even their day-to-day life, the lack of flexibility and individuality is debatable.

One such clause makes it mandatory that Endrick and Miranda say “I love you” to each other in all situations. Some other serious clauses call for prohibition of drastic changes in behaviour and addiction to substances such as alcohol.

While the contract does induce a sense of discipline in Endrick, there is considerable concern on part of the fans. It is believed that the contract signed to preserve and prolong their relationship, certainly takes away some of his focus from his game.

If that wasn’t enough new clauses or points of agreement surface in the media every now and then and more gets to be known about the contract. Recently a report by popular publication MailSport has brought new information about the love agreement to light.

Apparently, Endrick is barred from commenting under the Instagram posts of other women as to prevent any problems or spark rumors of a rift. It is done to preserve respect as the basis of their relationship.

It’s fair to say such stringent conditions of living may take a toll on their relationship eventually. Even fans are unable to see the bright side of such an excessively regulated bond.

This is also not the first time that the media are having a field day talking about the two. A few weeks ago, Endrick’s mother Cintia Sousa showed her designation and disapproval of the relationship and the noise that has come with it. Keeping in mind that it’s still early days of her son’s burgeoning career, the amount of media attention that the couple attracts is not normal or beneficial for such a young player.

More than just a distraction, it could also at times mean undermining his performances or crediting his off days with the relationship.

Endrick is still yet to prove himself on the biggest of stages and there is not many bigger than Real Madrid. With a bright future ahead of him, there really should be more talk of his brilliance on the pitch rather than the constant barrage of reports he finds himself in the leading role.

Sure all players have their own private lives, but these sort of bonds don’t really help anyone involved and may even prove to be an obstacle from achieving greater things.