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Antony is Covered in Tattoos: Man United Winger’s Ink, Their Meaning and Photos

Antony is Covered in Tattoos: Man United Winger’s Ink, Their Meaning and Photos

Antony, as talented, driven and determined player he is, his interests do span off it as well. One of his many hobbbies as you may call it, the Brazilian loves to get new tattoos inked on to his body albeit with meaning.

However, with his recent visit to the tattoo shop, it’s difficult to make out if fans are going to be thrilled or happy his choice of tattoo. It certainly is different, that’s for sure.

Even if his new tattoo run seems really immaculate and well done, the content of his inked piece of art might irk some United fans.

Apparently, Antony just got himself a massive back tattoo of…well himself. It is a whole sketch of the player from his time at Ajax. The tattoo is an inked still of Antony celebrating a goal with his shirt off against Feyenoord a few years ago in the Eredivisie.

However, like all other tattoos inked throughout his body, this one also has a lot of meaning for the Brazilian. Antony has been struggling to find any sort of consistency ever since his 85 million euro move to Old Trafford last season. Fast forward to almost two years later and he’s not even coming off the bench at times. A difficult watch for a player so promising.

Antony is clearly an emotional player and to have his backs against the wall at all times does take a toll on the player and makes him question his abilities. This tattoo is sort of a reminder for Antony and for his naysayers that he is still a player with flair and excellence that United signed from Ajax.

While this tattoo will surely divide opinion, some of Antony’s other ones are really impressive and are even loved by the Football Twitter community.

The ‘Illuminado’ ink just below his throat, which stands for Illuminated in English looks really classy. Antony feels it describes him as a person and as a player.

Another tattoo, an eagle on the left side of his neck below the ear, is simply spectacular with amazing detailing.

The back tattoo is also one in a long line of symbolic ones for Antony highlighting his resolve and mentality.

He has one on his left arm along with his brother which says “only those from the same place know what I’ve been through”, paying tribute to his humble beginnings and his difficult upbringing.

Speaking about the eagle and some other tattoos he said, “this one on my neck is a chain pendant and the full sleeve has meaning.”

He also has the name of his son Lorenzo tattooed on his right forearm. Even now at United, he still remembers his days at Ajax. He has a tattoo of his first ever shirt number ‘39’ that he donned in Amsterdam. Not only the number, but his goal celebration too, signalling a lion, finds its place on his right arm.

It is also sometimes forgotten but Antony was an Olympic Gold Winner with Brazil in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A first major honour for the Brazilian, he has etched that memory onto his thigh.

The 22 year-old is clearly struggling with game time and gaining any sort of momentum in his United shirt. Symbolic as it might be, Antony’s tattoos hold a lot of importance for him and really describe him as a person.

He still has ten Hag’s support and backing. Afterall, he was his marquee signing. With all the negativity around him, maybe the tattoo could prove to be the catalyst for change as however scrutinised as a player, Antony loves playing with a chip on his shoulder.

He has a point to prove and he might just do it.