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Did You See Andre Onana Doing The Bellingham Midmatch? Meme Explained

Did You See Andre Onana Doing The Bellingham Midmatch? Meme Explained

Andre Onana has had a forgettable start to his Manchester United career and has seen it go from bad to worse in recent games. Indeed, the Cameroonian goalkeeper has conceded six goals in the last two games and been at the receiving end of two 3-0 losses.

While the conceded in the two games aren’t directly due to his errors, he could’ve potentially done better in trying to divert them away from the back of the net. The Red Devils are seeing their campaign spiral out of control only 15 games in and have now lost more games (8) than they have won (7).

Calls for Erik ten Hag’s sacking grow louder and the gaffer is being panned for his transfer activity. Onana’s signing is yet to be properly justified because the goalkeeper hasn’t proved himself as an ‘upgrade’ over David de Gea. He has already been involved in some embarrassing moments, and seen his errors highlighted through the memes.

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It appears that Onana has again become a victim of a new Twitter meme. Soon after conceding the opening goal in the 3-0 loss to Newcastle United, fans noticed the pose that Onana had during that moment.

A picture from behind the goal saw him with his hands raised, as Diogo Dalot lay next to him after a failed sliding challenge.

Some fans have immediately likened this Onana posture to be close to Jude Bellingham’s trademark celebration.

The Real Madrid star has had an amazing start to his career at the Santiago Bernabeu and seems to be making everyone imitate his celebration.

Be it Real Madrid fans, opposition players or even bird species – everyone is in on the Bellingham craze.

As a result, some fans believe that Onana is showing his love for the Englishman with this posture. In reality, of course, a better angle to that picture shows that the Cameroonian goalkeeper was indeed, not trying to replicate Bellingham’s celebration but make a save.

He tried his best to make it tough for Almiron to score past him, but saw his efforts failed as the midfielder managed to slip an attempt into the right hand-corner anyways.

Onana is being criticized for his part in the goal too, with some believing that he could’ve done better to come off his line and made himself look bigger to intimidate the Paraguayan midfielder.

Onana has been criticized by some for his questionable positioning when it comes to saving shots during his time at Old Trafford. He has even been questioned about how he was positioned for Joe Willock’s goal in the loss to Newcastle.

Even for a number of other games, Onana has been criticized by experts for not positioning himself right in the instances leading to goals. The Cameroonian has been extremely inconsistent ever since he arrived at Manchester United, and some impressive performances have only papered over the cracks.

Onana has to work hard to stop himself from being ridiculed and becoming a meme on social media. That includes improving a lot of aspects of his game, including his positioning, and becoming more consistent with his performances in goal for the Red Devils.