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Andre Onana Irks Fashion Police with $2000 Balenciaga Ensemble: Shoes That Look Like Socks

Andre Onana Irks Fashion Police with $2000 Balenciaga Ensemble: Shoes That Look Like Socks

This season has been a mixed bag for Manchester United, some moments of brilliance combined with a lack of identity. However, on Saturday, United scored a last-minute goal against Fulham to victory.

Following the match, the team was spotted celebrating their victory with a night out to the celeb spot, MNKY HSE, a Latin-American restaurant in London.

But what was more noticed about this particular outing was the reveal of the fashion sense of the United players.

Fans who normally see players in their club kits, can now see their personal style and they have a few notes for the players.

Fans were collectively shocked by the lack of style or “drip” United players possessed on and off the field, with most criticisms being directed at Manchester United goalkeeper, Andre Onana.

Onana wore a bright blue Balenciaga hoodie worth $1150 and a pair of matching trainers from Balenciaga x Adidas worth $1011.

Fans however were not impressed and had things to say about the Cameroonian’s matching fashion fit.

Most of the fans voiced how poorly, the bright blue colour fitted with Onana and how he doubled down his “terrible” fit by wearing a pair of blue trainers from Balenciaga and Adidas collection.

Some fans trolled that just like most Cameroonian men, Onana too likes bright colors. They also criticized how Onana’s shoes looked like socks. Him wearing trainers, the same color as his hoodie obviously raised his fans to ask that question.

However, some fans have noted that it was the color that throws the fit off, while the trainer shoes are extremely comfortable to wear.

Onana wasn’t the only player to make bad decisions in fashion. Mason Mount, Varane were all criticized for their sense of fashion with one fan comparing Mason Mount to Kendall Roy from Succession.

One fan even said that this lack of style has been something that was present with United players even before Onana and Mount, by posting a picture of Wayne Rooney and his teammates from 2005.

Marcus Rashford who went out to celebrate his birthday after the defeat against Manchester City was not present at MNKY HSE with the rest of the players.