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Look: Tottenham Manager Ange Postecoglou Steps Out with Elusive Wife Georgia for King Lear Show

Look: Tottenham Manager Ange Postecoglou Steps Out with Elusive Wife Georgia for King Lear Show

Ange Postecoglou is starting to gain a bigger reputation in the world of football with his heroics as Tottenham Hotspur manager. It also appears that some renowned artists have started appreciating his work and are all too keen to praise him.

Ahead of Spurs’ crucial Premier League clash against Chelsea, Postecoglou made a surprising revelation that he recently linked up with Sir Kenneth Branagh. The iconic actor, who has been part of memorable movies like Hamlet, Othello and recently Oppenheimer, is actually an avid Tottenham fan.

Postecoglou opened up about his this meeting with Sir Kenneth went like, saying: “Sir Kenneth is a big Spurs fan and was kind enough to invite my wife and I to the theatre. We enjoyed it. I did have to swot up on King Lear. It wasn’t part of the curriculum at Prahran High.

“You always learn from life and the appreciation of seeing people excel at what they do is inspiring. You walk out of there thinking, ‘I don’t know how they do it’.”

It appears that Big Ange managed to take some time off work to watch Sir Kenneth’s ‘King Lear’ theatre production in London with his wife. Interestingly, Postecoglou’s wife Georgia is a bit of an unknown personality who is rarely seen with him in public and mostly tends to keep to herself.

She hasn’t really been heard or seen much by Spurs fans or even known by many around the North London club. However, Georgia has been with Ange since all his highs and lows and it was actually football that united them as well. The two met when Postecoglou was the head coach of Australian club South Melbourne, the club he had played for in his playing career as well.

Postecoglou took up his first job at the age of only 31, but guided them to winning multiple major trophies in his five years. It was also during his time as South Melbourne coach that Ange met Georgia. She used to work as a marketing manager at the club and the two quickly grew closer to each other.

Georgia opened up in the past on how she met Ange and how their love blossomed, saying in the Age of Ange documentary: “I met Ange at work. He was the senior coach of South Melbourne Soccer Club at the time and I was the club’s marketing manager. Initially, I wondered why everybody around him and around the club was so fascinated and respected him. Because he’s not someone that I would describe as charismatic or – he probably will hate me saying this (laughs), but a “charmer”.

“I didn’t get it. But then only afterwards, I got to understand, you know, him as a person. And you’d see him on the grounds and he’d strike conversations with kids, because he saw them: how much they were enjoying what he enjoyed and how much he loved the game.”

Georgia has played a pivotal role in helping Ange through his tough times and being like a pillar like him. She revealed how they got married just before Ange was sacked as Australia U-20 manager in 2007, when he was going through a really difficult period.

Georgia also had to raise their three children alone and also revealed that Ange missed the birth of their second child Max due to work appointments too. She does attend some of his team’s matches, as she did in the 2015 AFC Asian Cup final when his Australia side defeated South Korea to lift the title. Georgia has now relocated to London to be closer to Ange.

Their eldest son James currently serves with the Greek Hellenic Armed Forces in Lemnos, with the other two children living with them. Even though Georgia isn’t really seen that much in public with her husband, she is definitely one of his strengths and the reason for him going from managing Australian teams to now guiding Spurs to their best-ever start to a Premier League season.