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Get to Know Jefferson Doku, the Older Brother Behind Jeremy’s Success

Get to Know Jefferson Doku, the Older Brother Behind Jeremy’s Success

Jeremy Doku is proving to be one of the signings of the summer in the Premier League. He has taken England by storm after signing for Manchester City as Riyad Mahrez’s replacement. In just a few months of arrival, the Belgian winger has already displaced Jack Grealish to establish himself as a regular starter.

He is having a lot of fun for Pep Guardiola’s side and brought that spark with his exciting style. Doku loves doing the griddy and dribbling his way into causing chaos in the opposition’s backline. While Jeremy is earning a lot of praise from all around, not many know about the underrated work that his elder brother has done to get him to where he is right now.

Jefferson Doku is three years older than Jeremy and has transitioned into a different role in his career. He’s supported his younger brother in his footballing heroics and decided to become a football agent instead. Indeed, Jefferson is the agent for Jeremy and was responsible for negotiating his move to the European champions.

Jefferson was able to help his brother get a major salary hike after a move from from Stade Rennes to City. He earned a yearly salary of around £1.3 million at the French side, which was doubled with his move to the Etihad Stadium. Of course, he was also able to get some agent fees for the deal, but the finances of that is still unknown.

The older of the Doku brothers has seen Jeremy thrive at his new club and take the Premier League by storm, producing five goal contributions in a game in the recent win over Bournemouth. But what some fans might not know is that Jefferson Doku is also a former aspiring footballer with mad skills.

Indeed, in his youth, Jefferson even played for Belgian side Royal Antwerp’s youth academy and was a promising footballer. He had to give it up due to numerous injuries in his early career and transition into a different line. However, a recent video has transpired of Jeremy showcasing his amazing trickery.

In what appears to be an indoor football ground akin to that seen in FIFA street, Doku has the ball in his feet. The 24-year-old sees an opponent come and try to close him down, but then produces an insane trickery with his feet. He manages to completely fool the opponent with an incredible nutmeg to leave him totally humiliated.

This incredible bit of trickery shows just how much talent is in the Doku family genes. Some Manchester City fans are totally floored by this and want the club to buy Jefferson as well. With that being said, that isn’t exactly possible because the elder Doku is retired as a footballer and fully focused on his career as an agent. He runs his own agency named ‘DJ Sports Management’.

It’s definitely been a crazy last six months for the Doku family, from being at Rennes to the European champions. Just before Jeremy’s move to City, Jefferson even took to LinkedIn to promote himself as an agent to potential interested parties.

In the post, he wrote: “I am Jefferson Doku, 24 years old, from DJ Sport Management. I currently represent my younger brother, Jeremy Doku, who plays for the national team of Belgium and Stade Rennais FC. I developed myself into a sports agent because I’ve always been involved in the football world.

“During my youth, I played for Tubantia Borgerhout, Royal Antwerp FC, and K Beerschot VA. Due to numerous injuries in my youth, I decided to end my football career. I gained experience at CAA Stellar. Once I felt I had enough knowledge, I started as Jeremy Doku’s agent. After my brother, Jeremy Doku, made his move from Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht to Stade Rennais FC in 2021, I made strong contacts that I needed to grow as a sports agent.

“As I am looking for talented players, we organized a football tournament called Stre3t5. The first edition was one to remember. I am here on LinkedIn to expand my contacts and hopefully to be able to bring some of my players and initiate collaborations. Let’s work together to realize our vision, dreams, and ambitions.”

Jefferson aims to be content with his job as an agent. Going by how well he negotiated his brother’s move to Manchester City and gained a brighter reputation, he’ll probably now get more clients to handle going forward.