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Ange Postecoglou Telling Spurs Fans to Dream Big Mirrors the Undying Spirit of Ted Lasso

Ange Postecoglou Telling Spurs Fans to Dream Big Mirrors the Undying Spirit of Ted Lasso

Big Ange is doing miracles in North London, something nobody expected to happen this early. In the last couple of years, Tottenham and their supporters suffered due to a lack of connection on and off the pitch, however, the Greek-born Australian manager has changed everything, as the winds of change have brought in an air of optimism within the Spurs ecosystem,

Tottenham clinched a thrilling victory at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium against Sheffield United last Saturday. Sheffield was leading with a 1-0 scoreline till the 98th minute of the game until Richarlison scored a wonderful header, followed by Dejan Kulusevski’s goal in the 100th minute, securing three points for the men in whites.  

During the post-match interview when Ange Postecoglou was asked if Spurs fans should temper their expectations he said, “No, no, no, let them go, let them go and enjoy it. My role is not to burst people’s bubbles. Let them get excited, let them get ahead of themselves. That’s the beauty of being a supporter. They go through enough pain mate, you want to let them enjoy it. If they think we’re going to be world beaters then great, that’s up to us to match that expectation. Our supporters deserve to have some happiness and enjoy it any way they want to.” 

Now this comment in itself reflects Ange Postecoglou’s mentality as even neutral fans are delighted with this brave response. Although this might be counterintuitive in the near future as Spurs supporters will be encouraging themselves by dreaming of winning the Premier League, a dream that might result in heartbreak, just like what happened to their North London rivals last season, however, what’s wrong in a far-fetched fantasy/ambition? 

What made people love the former Celtic manager’s response is the fact that it highlights a fan’s true emotion. It’s not politically correct, as it stresses the fact that living and experiencing what you feel at a particular moment is very important. 

It tells us that Big Ange isn’t just a tactical manager but a fan as well, which is why he is becoming a fan favorite. Ange’s mentality is also reflecting Ted Lasso as he is reassuring his fans to dream even if they never wake up again.  

The camaraderie between Tottenham players and fans is widely felt and seen. Whether it be their smooth playing style or players standing for each other, just like we saw last weekend when club captain, Son, pushed Richarlison to the fans so that he could get his confidence back, Postecoglou’s influence is real.  

Tottenham currently sits second in the Premier League table with 13 points, only two points behind defending Champions Manchester City. The road is long ahead but with Big Agne at the Captain’s deck even the impossible is looking plausible.