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I’m Loving Big Ange Instead: Tottenham Fans Have New Chant For Ange Postecoglou That Roasts Poch, Conte and Mou

I’m Loving Big Ange Instead: Tottenham Fans Have New Chant For Ange Postecoglou That Roasts Poch, Conte and Mou

Seems like Tottenham fans have taken the plagiarism insult very seriously. And consequently, they have come up with their very original Ange Postecoglou chant, heard and recorded at The Shelf bar at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.    

When Tottenham defeated Manchester United last weekend, the excitement among Tottenham fans was ubiquitous. In that highly intense situation, Tottenham fans belted out a verse that is strongly synonymous with Celtic’s Ange Postecoglou chant. 

However, if this new song is a retaliation against the heavy trolling they faced from Celtic fans and rival Premier League fans is unknown. One can only make a guess, but this is no doubt the best Ange song to date.    

Magic happens as Tottenham fans create new Ange Postecoglou song  

 A Tottenham Hotspur original is created at The Shelf Bar as fans have come up with a new Ange Postecoglou song. Well, not 100% authentic as it is a rip-off of a Robbie Williams song called Angels, but still new and something Premier League supporters should get used to.    

“When I am lying in my bed, thoughts running through my head, Pochettino is dead, I’m loving big Ange instead. And through it all, we’ll play the way we want to, with big Ange Postecoglou, whether I am right or wrong, it’s big Ange ball. So, you can keep your Pochettino, Conte, and Mourinho, and even Cristian Gross, cos everywhere we go, I’m loving big Ange instead”.  

Now this is hard. Seems like Tottenham fans haven’t taken Mauricio Pochettino’s move to Chelsea very sportingly. Also, Jose Mourinho’s comment on, a lack of connection with Tottenham football club and its fans, and Antonio Conte’s criticism regarding Tottenham’s hunger to win big matches might be the reason for this banter.  

The road is long for Ange Postecoglou  

Big Ange ball is fun. Everything is happy. Ange’s playing style is fantastic, not boring like Conte and Mourinho, very attacking, and fun to watch until Tottenham starts losing again.    

When that happens everything’s gonna be upside down. No more chants, no more songs, everything’s gonna be upside down.   

As we are all aware of Premier League fans’ patience, we need to wait. The start is great, and Ange’s got the style and understanding of the game, however, it’s just 2 games and the road is long ahead.    

Having said that, Tottenham fans must not miss the chance to record more Ange Postecoglou songs at their shelf bar as moments like this keep the true culture of football alive, and what else is paramount than Carpe Diem?