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The Copycat Ange Postecoglou Chant That’s All the Rage Among Tottenham Fans Right Now

The Copycat Ange Postecoglou Chant That’s All the Rage Among Tottenham Fans Right Now

Angeball has started as Tottenham beat Man United, 2-0 at home, thanks to Pape Matar Sarr’s goal and a little help from the World Cup winner, Lisandro Martinez’s own goal.  

Feels very bad to say this, but Tottenham fans aren’t familiar with much happiness and success, as often fans from rival teams see their empty trophy cabinet as their club’s USP. Very ironic, isn’t it?  

Post Pochettino, Tottenham hasn’t had a manager that really bonded with the club. Notwithstanding, Mourinho’s or Conte’s success as football managers, none of them echoed the Spurs sentiment.  

After missing the champions league spot last season, they lost their Captain and record goal scorer, Harry Kane, to Bayern Munich at the start of the season to much disappointment of the fans.  

However, after Saturday’s win, they currently sit in 5th place on the table, having drawn the first match against Brentford and fans seem to be a little positive as they have made a new chant for their new manager.

Wait, did I say, “new chant”, well I take back my words.  

“There’s fvck all new about it … Typical English, steal everything Land & now football chants”, said somebody on Twitter regarding Tottenham’s new chant for Ange Postecoglou.  

Tottenham fans are guilty of plagiarism according to rival fans, some sections of Tottenham fans, and especially Celtic fans, as the chant happens to be a Celtic chant for their then manager, Ange Postecoglou.  

The chant goes like, Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah Ange Postecoglou, is a steal for some and re-imagination for others. Some people are calling Tottenham the best Scottish team as well, typical British humor.  

The Greece-born, Australian manager was unknown to football fans before he joined Celtic. It is in Glasgow, Scotland, where he established himself as a serious football manager and got a chant from the Celtic supporters, thanks to his exploit as a manager during his two years in charge for The Hoops.   

Postecoglou joined Celtic back in June 2021, and he won his first trophy, the Scottish League Cup, in that same year. Ange won the Scottish Premiership, the first Australian Manager to win in Europe in his first season in charge.  

In that same season, he also bagged some personal accolades which included, league manager of the month, which he won five times, PFA Scotland Manager of the Year, and SFWA Manager of the Year.  

In his second season, Celtic would win the league again, coupled with the Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup against archrivals Rangers.  

Although Celtic dominating their league is nothing new, his managerial brilliance earned him his move to the North London Giants, and it seems like he has moved with his chant. 

Stealing a chant isn’t a criminal offense, but a shameful one. In football, the fan base needs to be original to reflect their distinct culture and club history.  

On top of that, if it’s an “English” club stealing a “Scottish” chant, elephantine banter is on the way thanks to their geopolitical conundrum.  

The only defense Tottenham have is that “we haven’t had the time, it’s too early, but sure we’re on it”.