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His Name is Lucho: New Luis Diaz Chant Sung to Bella Ciao is an Instant Hit

His Name is Lucho: New Luis Diaz Chant Sung to Bella Ciao is an Instant Hit

Luis Diaz is a sensation. The Colombian international joined Liverpool from Porto for a transfer fee of €45 million and has fulfilled his potential. He is a combination of pace, elegance and work rate.

The left winger has become a fan favourite and helped Liverpool win the EFL Cup and the FA Cup in his very season.

He shone for his country Colombia at the Copa America 2021. He has been praised by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for his creativity and mentality.

But Klopp is not the only one who has praised the 26 year old. Diaz has received lots of praise from Liverpool’s passionate and powerful fanbase.

The song

In a catchy tribute to him, local singer Andy Hodgeson composed a song which he played at Taggy’s bar, a gathering place for Liverpool fans.

The song goes like this: “His name is Lucho He came from Porto He came to score Came to score Came to score, score, score He’s Luis Diaz He’s from Barrancas Now he plays for Liverpool Na na na na na”.

The song mentions his hometown of Barrancas, his nickname Lucho and his ability to score goals. It is based on ‘Bella Ciao’, an Italian protest song that was made popular by the TV show ‘Money Heist’.

It is also inspired by a recent adaptation by the fans of the Scottish football club Celtic. The song was sung before the Brentford match against Liverpool on May 6, 2023 and is definitely one of those songs that will make its way into the Liverpool songbook.

Other songs about Luis Diaz

Before the song by Andy Hodgeson there was also another song about Luis Diaz. The Luis Diaz song – This is a song that is based on the tune of the song “La Bamba ” by Ritchie Valens which was a classic rock and roll sung in 1958.

This song is about his skills and goals. It was sung by the band “The Ragamuffins” on “The Redmen TV”, a YouTube channel for Liverpool fans and has also been sung by Liverpool fans at Anfield and other stadiums.

Here is how the song goes: “[Chorus] He signed for Liverpool from FC Porto And when he scores he dances with Diogo He plays with Salah, Mane and Firmino Oh, Luis Diaz sends us f**king loco Oh, Luis Diaz Oh, Luis Diaz Oh, Luis Diaz Oh, Luis Diaz”.

The song also mentions his former club FC Porto along with a number of his teammates at Liverpool FC such as Diogo Jota, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

Passion inspires creativity and it seems that Liverpool fans are quite passionate about their club and its stars. Their off-field passion is felt by the players on the field which can boost their performance and even change the course of a match.