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Carlos Carvalhal hypes Liverpool newbie Luis Diaz – “He’s very intense, especially in attack”

Carlos Carvalhal hypes Liverpool newbie Luis Diaz – “He’s very intense, especially in attack”

Liverpool has signed the 25-year-old Porto winger Luis Diaz for an initial fee of £37m. He will be staying at Liverpool on a five-year contract, wearing number 23. 

The Portuguese player had been a key target for Spurs, with manager Antonio Conte keen to build his forward lineup. Yet, it was the red giants who had the final laugh. Spurs, however, kept up with their stance and bought Juventus winger Dejan Kulusevski.

Luis Diaz will be a great addition to the fierce forward line of Firminho, Jota, Mane, and Salah. 


Many football pundits have praised Liverpool for their new signing. Among them was Braga manager Carlos Carvalhal. He says that the Colombian international will be a perfect fit for Liverpool. He says that Diaz may have a great impact in the Premier League itself.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he added, “Luis Diaz is the best player in the league this season. He did something fantastic. He played on the left side with the right foot.”

“Last season he was the best player in the league, he did absolutely fantastic, he played on the left side with a right-foot.”

“He scores goals, he’s very intense, especially in attack. He’s a fantastic player. We all know how Liverpool play. It’s like when you have a number on your shoes, you’re a number eight for example, and you look at the shoes and say they’re exactly my number. That is Luis Diaz to Liverpool. He is dynamic, fast, very strong, creative, and very good one-on-one.”

The former Swansea City boss claims that Diaz has the right intensity to play in the Premier League. Carvahal has also predicted that Diaz may become “one of the stars next season”.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp told on the official website of the club, “He’s an outstanding player and someone we’ve been tracking for a very long time. This team deserved to add quality and when we played against Luis earlier this season, we saw what a danger he is, how fast he is and how his mentality was to help his team.

“Luis is a player we believe will make us better now and in the future. He’s the player we really wanted and they’ve (the owners) made it happen, so I’m very happy.”

Praises also came from another legendary holder of the number 23 jersey, Jamie Carragher who joked about the specialty of the jersey number.


In the Portuguese Primeira Liga, Diaz has scored the highest number of goals (14) and also remains in the leading chart for the highest number of touches in the opposition box. The 25-year-old provides a serious goal threat but also leads in ball possession and creating chances. 

Porto is at the top of the league with Diaz scoring 14 goals for the club along with 5 assists in 18 league matches.

All in all, Luis Diaz will surely provide a great threat to the opposition while being backed by Klopp’s strong tactics and the phenomenal forward lineup.