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Liverpool Fans Uncover How Luis Diaz And Curtis Jones Communicate

Liverpool Fans Uncover How Luis Diaz And Curtis Jones Communicate

Football is a multicultural phenomenon. People from different backgrounds join to watch and enjoy this great sport. This holds true for the teams and players involved in it as well.

Most top clubs have players from different backgrounds. Often the language is a hurdle as players who have joined from elsewhere may not immediately learn the language. However, this does not stop them from communicating with their teammates.

In Liverpool’s case, Luis Diaz and Curtis Jones seem to be close friends despite the language barrier between the two. Their manager Jurgen Klopp joked about how they were so close without knowing the same language.

It seems a Liverpool fan has the answer to the question. Twitter user Jay posted a clip from training where Curtis Jones and Luis Diaz are sharing a laugh.

In the clip, Curtis Jones seems to be using certain signs to communicate with Luis Diaz, which leads to both of them laughing. Some have appropriately termed this as “Scouse sign language”.

Diaz may not have completely understood what Jones was trying to get across, but it’s clear he’s having a good time. At the end of the day, that’s what is most important. A tight-knit squad is pivotal for success.

Liverpool will be playing Real Madrid on the 28th of May, 2022. The team’s chemistry could prove vital in winning them the trophy and becoming joint-second on the table of most UCL trophies won.

Diaz and Jones’s friendship tells us how the sport can bring together people far more than it divides them. It can be a means of overcoming various barriers and understanding one another. With how things are in our contemporary world, such relations are most valuable.