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What Liverpool fans are thinking about the Luis Diaz-Jurgen Klopp hug

What Liverpool fans are thinking about the Luis Diaz-Jurgen Klopp hug

Liverpool’s marquee signing this season Luis Diaz has finally arrived at Kirkby after getting his UK visa.

The Colombian’s talents were highly sought after and in the end, it was the Reds who ended up acquiring his signature. 

No doubt, Liverpool fans are aching to see their latest signing take to the pitch, while that might take a few more days, they have been given other content for the time being. 

The club has released numerous videos and images of Diaz’s first day at Kirkby, including a video of his first meeting with Jurgen Klopp, one which fans can’t stop talking about. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions-

Trademark Klopp – 

How does Klopp greet his new player?

With a hug of course. 

The German’s bearhugs are customary at this point and Luis Diaz quickly got to experience it for himself and see what the hype is all about. 

It’s safe to assume many more of these will be coming his way in the future. 

Poor old Spurs – 

Unfortunately, Tottenham Hotspur has become the butt of the joke once again. 

This time due to their failure of signing Diaz despite being the frontrunners for quite some time. 

Spurs were in pole position before embarrassingly conceding defeat to Liverpool who swooped in at the twelfth hour. 

And of course, Diaz showed no hesitancy in saying yes to the Reds either. 

In a capture from the video, Diaz looks almost relieved during his embrace with Klopp. 

Fans on Twitter used to image to take shots at Spurs, implying that the Colombian was perhaps ‘spooked’ by the possibility of signing for the London club. 

‘All good eh?’ – 

It will take some time for Diaz to get accommodated with his new surroundings, a big step in that is learning English which Diaz will have plenty of time for.

However, the language barrier did create an awkward lull during his first meeting with Klopp. 

After the hug, Diaz says ‘muy bien’ (very well), Klopp responds with a much jollier ‘muy bien’ leading fans to think that the German has no clue what it means. 

The confusion continues as Klopp asks “All good?” to which Diaz replies in his native language. 

What follows is a pause which the German breaks up by introducing Diaz to his assistant Pep Ljinders, who fortunately knows the language.