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What to Expect from Upcoming Brazil 2024 Copa America Away Kit

What to Expect from Upcoming Brazil 2024 Copa America Away Kit

The 2024 Copa America is just around the corner, and we’ll see the official kit releases of the teams within a few months. However, we received news about the potential away kit of Brazil, and it’s safe to say that Neymar and his boys will look debonair wearing it.  

Wave like Brazil 2024 Copa America away kit. 

Brazil’s 2024 Copa America away shirt isn’t confirmed by official sources yet as this one circulating on social media is a leak. Moreover, the full pic of the kit is not there but only a portion of it, but surely, we can make a pragmatic guess on how it may look.  

From what we know, Brazil’s away shirt will have a semi-dark blue base with a light blue wave pattern on it. We might see the light blue wave patterns on the chest area or a bit below.  

To complement the shirt, sky blue shorts might be used, as they will create a perfect balance of contrast between the dark and light versions of blue, making it look very pleasing to the eye.  

Brazil’s away kit throughout the years at Copa America 

In 2015, Brazil had a blue-colored away kit. With blue as its base, semi-visible white horizontal stripes were drawn at the front and back of the jersey. It was complemented with white shorts and blue socks.  

In 2016, Nike used the same template for both the home and away kit. Brazil 2016 away kit was predominately vibrant blue, whereas the sleeves were light blue. The Nike Swoosh and the five stars above the Brazil crest were colored white. Nike used their Vapor Kit with AeroSwift technology. Back then it was avant-garde technology and as a result, the front side of the shirt had an elaborate mesh construction. It was complemented with white shorts.  

In 2019, the year Brazil won Copa America, they decided to go with a classic, more simplistic white jersey with a blue-collar. This is reminiscent of Brazil’s home jerseys until the 1950 World Cup. The Nike swoosh and five stars were also in blue. It was complemented with blue shorts and navy socks.  

In 2021, Brazil and Nike went back to the blue color palette. A tonal diamond graphic design was used for the away kit. The design style was placed at the upper portion of the shirt, as it aided the fade from lighter to darker blue. As usual, white shorts complemented the blue shirt. 

 If we look at all the away kits of Brazil in Copa America from 2015 to 2021, except 2019, all of them were blue kits. Nike seems to like playing with the blue palette, and Brazil may want to make this blue-themed away kit iconic, just like their home kit.