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New Advert Celebrates Non-Spurs Fans Falling for Ange Postecoglou

New Advert Celebrates Non-Spurs Fans Falling for Ange Postecoglou

Ange Postecoglou is probably the first Australian since former Everton striker Tim Cahill to gain prominence in the English top flight. Even though he helped Celtic win the domestic treble last season, there were some initial questions about his appointment at Spurs.

After seeing former Rangers manager Steven Gerrard fall flat at Aston Villa, not everyone was convinced that Postecoglou was the right man to revive Tottenham. However Big Ange has made all his doubters eat humble pie.

The Australian has guided his side to win four of their first five matches of the season. They are currently in second place, only 2 points behind leaders Manchester City. Considering that Spurs finished the 2022–23 season 39 points behind the Cityzens, this is encouraging progress.

The Tottenham faithful have already created a new chant in which they literally profess their love for him. But it’s not just the Spurs faithful who have developed a soft spot for him. Postecoglou’s down-to-earth nature in press conferences or public events are earning him more and more praise.

He is earning admiration for being very real and pragmatic with his answers. Moreover, his recent comments on mental health and troubles that any person could be undergoing on a daily basis earned him the utmost appreciation from other fans.

It appears that Australian broadcaster Optus Sport caught up with his growing fame. In an ultimate tribute to Postecoglou, they’ve now created a new advertisement that revolves around him.

This is actually quite rare as well. Normally, broadcasters from different countries revolve their promotional advertisement around the biggest Premier League players. Indeed, you’d rather see the likes of Erling Haalnd or Mo Salah’s goals being used to promote the league or upcoming matches.

Optus Sport has gone with a completely changed outlook with their latest advertisement. More than anything else, the advert is the best possible promotion/homage for the Aussie gaffer. It actually delves into a topic concerning the non-Spurs fans.

Optus have, obviously, designed their advertisement for the Australian demographic. After all, the channel is exclusively available down under. It takes into consideration a possible crisis or conflict that non-Spurs fans might have over Postecoglou’s impressive work.

The advertisement directly confronts a Premier League fan who might be having a conflict of interest over Postecoglou. The advert actually emphasises any non-Tottenham fan feeling a bit guilty for discreetly rooting for Ange.

The narrator in the video reassures that supporter that it’s not a bad thing to want to watch more of Spurs’ matches. They state that it’s okay to want to watch more of Postecoglou’s men in action, at least as long as he’s ‘cooking’ or the Aussie gaffer is there. The advert is blended with witty Aussie humour and is quite upfront like the Spurs gaffer himself.

This advert has been found to be quite brilliant by the Aussie supporters. In fact, the non-Spurs fans aren’t even shying away anymore from professing their love for Big Ange. After all, how can you blame someone for wanting their countryman to succeed at the highest level of league football?

When it comes to his personality or attitude, Postecoglou is probably one of the most rootable managers in the Premier League. What he says doesn’t seem filtered or robotic and he doesn’t overreact to things either. So you can’t really blame a non-Spurs fan for secretly wanting Postecoglou to be successful or this cheeky advertisement wanting more Aussies to watch the Lilywhites’ games on their platform.