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Why Tottenham Manager Ange Postecoglou No Longer Needs FPL

Why Tottenham Manager Ange Postecoglou No Longer Needs FPL

Tottenham boss, Ange Postecoglou might be saying all the right things required to get into the good impression books of Fantasy Premier League players.

His attacking style of play has already attracted attention in assets like Maddison and Richarlison including Udogie, even after the departure of former club captain Harry Kane.

In a recent press conference talking about his career that led to Tottenham, the Australian seemed to be in a much reflective mood.

The Spurs head coach mentioned the rise in demand of providing tickets before the first game from his friends to him. They have helped him in his journey, and he sees them as major contributors to his success.

Speaking about the matter, the former Celtic boss tells the media, “I’ve got a few friends coming to the match. It’s fair to say I’ve been inundated for tickets but it’s great because they’ve been along for the journey. We all had those dreams and we’re all living it together because for me they’re just part of it as well because I wouldn’t be sitting here today without them.”

It is also the first time in twenty years according to Postecoglou that he will be missing from the FPL mini-leagues he plays with his friends.

He is aware, he says that he will be pestered for team information but he vows to give nothing away, “They’re all going to be here and for the first time in I reckon 20 years I’ve had to pull out of our fantasy Premier League group as well which I’m gutted about and if they try to grill me for information they’re getting nothing out of me,” Postecoglou says.  

Postecoglou’s disappointment of not being able to compete in the mini leagues will be greatly compensated by the fact, as he puts it, he is now a Premier League manager in real life. It is not a dream anymore.

He doesn’t need to play FPL because managing players in England’s top division is for him, now a reality. He was quoted saying, “I don’t need to play now because I am a Premier League manager. There you go, it’s not a fantasy anymore!”

Whilst Dean Smith’s rebuke of FPL in the past had irked many, Postecoglou’s comments have gone down as something sweet in the most engaged corners of the Fantasy game. As Spurs, takes on Brentford in their opening weekend fixture, FPL managers will be monitoring their assets closely.

Perhaps Postecoglou would himself be wondering if he still played FPL, will he have considered Maddison from the very start? Under the new management and new captainship of Heung Min Son, Spurs fans will be hoping for a future laden with trophies.

The Spurs boss was asked if he did win any of those mini leagues he mentions, guess what he said? He did, of course. When asked, “the reply came with a big grin: always, always.”