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Fashion Police Called on Rasmus Hojlund’s Night Out look: Dressed Like It’s 2007

Fashion Police Called on Rasmus Hojlund’s Night Out look: Dressed Like It’s 2007

Manchester United players went for a night out after their victory against Fulham on Saturday. This victory came after back-to-back defeats against Manchester City and Newcastle United. The team was seen at MNKY HSE, a Latin- American restaurant in London.

This night out came as a relief. But that relief didn’t last long as the players’ fashion drove criticisms from Fashion Twitter.

Rasmus Hojlund, the Danish striker was welcomed warmly by the United fans ever since his debut for the club back in September. But even those hardcore fans couldn’t justify Hojlund’s outfit.

Hojlund wore Nike’s SB Varsity skate black jacket worth $103, brown cargo pants worth $32 and a pair of grey Air Jordans 1’s worth $120.

This outfit has raised the eyebrows of many fans who couldn’t believe that Hojland, a 20-year-old is bad at his fashion style. They criticized the 90s and 2000’s theme of the players’ outfits. Reactions to Hojlund’s outfit reveals their disappointment in his fashion choices.

Some fans posed the question if Hojland just went on Sports Direct, UK’s retail store for sportswear and got his outfit of it.

Few of them trolled Hojland that they have seen students from universities with better outfits than him.

This 90s’ -2000esque style feels outdated in 2023 and its showing from these fa reactions. Some even said that MNKY HSE, is supposed to be a celeb spot that’s exclusive and how did they let allow Hojlund to get inside based on his outfit.

Hojlund of course wasn’t alone, his teammates like Andre Onana, Mason Mount were too criticized and there are calls from fans to United to hire a stylist for the players.

Some fans show support to Jadon Sancho who has been out of the team after tension between him and manager, Erik Ten Hag, saying that Sancho would have brought more style to the United squad.

Some show support to Hojlund, who only got into United a few months ago and that his paycheck hasn’t yet been cleared. They also said that he is still raw talent on and off the field and needs time to find his style.