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Unfortunately Aston Villa Have an Onlyfans Mascot Now, Too

Unfortunately Aston Villa Have an Onlyfans Mascot Now, Too

Football is celebrated for its universal appeal. All the football teams come with their own set of hard-code fan bases. A significant portion of these fan bases are active on various social media platforms.

For example, (formerly known as Twitter), is an extensive epicenter of football discussions, propaganda, and promotions. Instagram has also now grown to become a hub of football fandoms with various influencers and mascots promoting their favourite football clubs.

Recently, this trend has trickled down to adult entertainment platforms like OnlyFans as well.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where creators like artists, musicians, fitness enthusiasts, and models promote their works and art pieces. However, it has gained significant attention for being a hub for adult entertainment content.

The football fever has also taken over OnlyFans with various content creators and adult entertainers using their favourite football clubs to promote their profiles.

One such popular content creator goes by the name of Alexia Grace. Born in 1998, Alexia is extensively associated with the English Premier League footballing side, Aston Villa.

Alexia Grace kicked off her working life as a flight attendant for Jet2. Frustrated with the work schedule and the corresponding pay scale, Alexia started posting videos on TikTok.

Owing to her adult comedy content, she became a popular Tiktok creator in no time. Since joining the platform, Alexia’s profile (@itsalexiagrace1) has amassed a whopping 1M followers (as of July 2023). Moreover, she also became a popular model on Only Fans with a current count of 210.6k likes.

She also became an Instagram influencer having over 273K followers at present. The adult content creator has openly flaunted her love for Aston Villa time and again. This helped her gain popularity by engaging the fan base of the Aston Villa FC.

The Aston Villa club mascot gained popularity because of her engaging and promotional footballing content mixed with adult entertainment.

Alexia is not the only one to hop on this trend. There are diverse football teams that are represented by their mascots in OnlyFans and/or similar platforms.

Notable is the adult star and a Chelsea superfan, Samantha Bullimore Wilmot, better known as Astrid Wett. Wett, who has more than a million followers on TikTok, does significant content posting on OnlyFans.

Wett is a 23-year-old British social media personality, content creator, OnlyFans model, and a boxer and a staunch supporter of Chelsea FC. Apart from her engaging social media content based on her support for Chelsea, Wett is frequently seen in the stands of both home and away football games, supporting the team in blue.

Similarly, Manchester United is endorsed by Bella MUFC.

When it comes to the rival part of Manchester, we see extensive promotions of the club from a 25-year-old adult content star, Elle Brooke. Elle is a devoted Manchester City fan who is often seen attending games at the Etihad.

Not only in the EPL, this trend has spread over clubs from other countries as well. With adult stars like Lana Wolf openly showing off her love for the Scottish footballing side, Rangers FC, this new fashion of promoting football clubs has taken over extensively across various content-creating platforms all over the world.

Now is this a way to genuinely express their love for their favourite club? Or is this a clever way to gain popularity by the name of popular football clubs? I think we all what’s the right answer.