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Toxic Exchange Between Astrid Wett and Mr DT Goes Viral After Arsenal’s FA Cup Loss

Toxic Exchange Between Astrid Wett and Mr DT Goes Viral After Arsenal’s FA Cup Loss

Arsenal began their 2024 in the worst way possible by suffering a defeat at home in their FA Cup third-round clash against Liverpool.

Even though the Gunners had 18 shot attempts, they could not finish a single chance and two late goals allowed Jurgen Klopp’s side to go away with a 2-0 win.

Arsenal fans on social media were understandably fuming about the performance, having seen their teams lose three games in a row after heading into Christmas on top of the Premier League.

Many are begging their team to buy a prolific striker in January to fix their goal-scoring issues, but Mikel Arteta claims that is ‘unrealistic’.

As Gooners all over social media moaned about the defeat, Chelsea fan and adult content creator Astrid Wett couldn’t help but take a nasty dig at a relatively popular yet controversial Arsenal fan in Mr DT.

He was a former mainstay part of the popular YouTube fan channel AFTV, before getting removed from it after being imprisoned in 2021 for assaulting and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.

Astrid Wett took aim at his history of domestic violence and controversies by tweeting ‘Prayers go out to @MrDtAFC‘s wife tonight,’ something which irked a lot of fans because of how insensitive it was and how domestic abuse is not a thing to joke around about either.

Wett basically insinuated that DT would take out his rage at his partner for the defeat.

The Arsenal supporter, who spent a lengthy time in prison after being convicted of domestic violence charges, is trying to stay out of trouble nowadays and is also the owner of a non-league English football club called Cannons Wood FC, which is based in Harlow (a town in the west of Essex) and even plays in the Thurlow Nunn League.

DT was infuriated by Wett’s offensive post about him and decided to clap back by tweeting: “Do you not have some underage kids to flash your donor meat at?”.

This was referring to how the Chelsea fan has been accused of showing off her explicit pictures to underage children on her OnlyFans page and sometimes even on social media as well.

Wett was clearly triggered by this and decided to expose a secret of DT’s with her next post, producing a screenshot of how the Arsenal supporter is actually subscribed to her OnlyFans as well.

The picture shows that DT has tipped her over $9.5k in the past and the proof that it is him is that the name is referred to Liam Goodenough – which is the actual name of the Arsenal supporter.

DT responded to this by indicating that the image was fabricated and how Wett had also tried to do this by implicating that another famous Gooner and AFTV representative Troopz was subscribed to her.

He tweeted: “You tried this same tactic in August with @TroopzAFC, and Community Notes had to prove you are a liar. You have had your kebab all over the internet to underage kids, and you think anyone will take you seriously. F*ck off, Astrid Savile.”

Wett did not want to end the heated altercation with just that and responded to the Arsenal fan’s last tweet by posting a picture of herself all banged up and bruised after a Boxing Fight that was organized by Prime.

She wrote in the caption ‘DT’s mrs when Arsenal lose 4 on the bounce,’ to take another nasty dig at Goodenough’s past accusations.

For such ‘influencers’, social media has now become one where the more drama they get entangled to, the more they can attract attention from followers from all over the world.

So for Wett and DT, this ugly online fight probably achieved their hopes of getting more people talking about them at the point where both their teams Chelsea and Arsenal aren’t exactly on top of the world.