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Astrid Wett Proves Her Loyalty to Chelsea with Fiery Response to United Supporter Beth Tucker

Astrid Wett Proves Her Loyalty to Chelsea with Fiery Response to United Supporter Beth Tucker

Chelsea superfan Astrid Wett continues to be an element of headlines in the footballing world after her latest beef with United supporter and presenter Beth Tucker.

Beth Tucker is an influencer, content creator, and presenter at The United Stand, the fan channel created by United super fan Mark Goldbridge. She could often be found in fan vlogs or podcasts for The United Stand.

Astrid Wett, alongside being an influencer herself, is a Youtuber, boxer, and OnlyFans model. Her relevance to the football world comes with her ardent support of Chelsea F.C. An enthusiast of the London-based club, the Brit describes herself as “Football’s #1 OnlyFans Model” and has a Twitter account dedicated to producing football (and primarily Chelsea-related content).

It all started with Beth’s tweet following up on Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to Wolves in the Premier League. Reacting to The Blues’ disastrous outing at the Molineux Stadium, the United fan tweeted “Everyone laugh at Chelsea”.

Though the majority of Twitter users took the post as light-hearted banter, it didn’t go very well with a few Chelsea supporters, Astrid Wett in this instance.

The Chelsea superfan took to Twitter as she wrote “Can laugh at Chelsea but keep ducking me” as a reply to Tucker’s tweet. This was a throwback to the time when Astrid Wett, who is a boxer and the reigning Misfit Boxing’s Flyweight Champion, called out Beth Tucker for a boxing match.

Fans had some intriguing reactions to Wett’s replies. A fan called her out for ducking Elle Brooke, while others demanded she calls out an actual boxer.

It didn’t take long for Beth to come up with a response to Wett’s reaction. The presenter posted a picture of KSI dodging a kiss from Astrid amidst the Wett vs Keeley weigh-in. The tweet was captioned, “& How am I doing that? Don’t know if you’re aware of the definition of ducking but it looks something like this”.

That was merciless, Beth!

“This is a crime scene” remarked a user in reaction to Tucker’s comeback. “There is a new Butcher in Manchester United” commented another.

Beth had clearly gotten one over Wett with her last response, but the latter still made a courageous effort by posting a picture of herself in a Sky Sports broadcast, calling Tucker out for being a presenter.

Wett’s valiant attempts were of no use as her last response was met with no retorts from Beth, seemingly ending the beef. The Twitterati made sure that Astrid was known who came out victorious from the spat. Reacting to the OnlyFans model’s final tweet, a user commented “She bodied you. Accept and move on”. “What a dead comeback,” wrote another user.

Important fixtures are on the horizon for both Man United and Chelsea. Amidst the fight for the top 4, the former face Sevilla in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League, whereas the latter have a date with reigning European champions Real Madrid in the UCL quarterfinals.