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Did Nicolas Jackson Really Ask Astrid Wett For Nudes? Here’s What We Know

Did Nicolas Jackson Really Ask Astrid Wett For Nudes? Here’s What We Know

Chelsea F.C. has been through some tough times this season. With Pochettino at the wheel, Chelsea currently occupies the 10 position in the league. Chelsea fans are having a nightmare, which doesn’t seem to end anytime soon for them. On top of that, it seems new controversies have sparked yet again. And this time, it’s their forward- Nicolas Jackson.

Nicolas Jackson joined Chelsea from Villarreal for €37.00 Million this summer. However, the Senegalese striker has had a rough start to his career at Stamford Bridge. With an aggregate tally of 7 goals in 28 matches, he is far from convincing the Chelsea fan base. However, just as he seemed to be finding his stride, it seems that he got into a controversy involving OnlyFans model and Chelsea fan – Astrid Wett.

Astrid Wett is a notable adult star and a Chelsea superfan. Samantha Bullimore Wilmot, better known as Astrid Wett, has more than a million followers on TikTok and does significant content posting on OnlyFans.

Wett is a 23-year-old British social media personality, content creator, OnlyFans model, and boxer, and a staunch supporter of Chelsea FC. Apart from her engaging social media content based on her support for Chelsea, Wett is frequently seen in the stands of both home and away football games, supporting the team in blue.

Recently, Astrid Wett has levied some serious allegations against the 22-year-old Chelsea forward accusing him of soliciting adult content. A viral video surfaced on the internet early Saturday morning that revealed a FaceTime conversation between the Chelsea forward and Wett. The video revealed the forward in a relaxing mood ahead of Chelsea’s crucial clash against Brighton. and the conversations were not particularly ‘motivating’.

According to various sources on, Jackson was clearly recorded seeking adult content from Astrid.

“I mean I want you to send me something, but you not sending me something”. Said the forward from the other side of the phone.

“we’ll see how lucky you can get. Maybe if you win on Sunday. III send you some”. Replied Astrid, referring to Chelsea’s clash against Brighton this Sunday.

“I will.” Affirmed Jackson. Nicolas Jackson was allegedly also seen sticking to his demand even at the end of their conversation.

“I need motivation tonight.” prompted Jackson. This was apparently his last wish before Astrid hung up their Facetime conversation after promising to catch up with him on Snapchat.

This exchange did not sit well among the Chelsea faithful. Especially in the wake of the team’s recent 4-1 thrashing at the hands of Newcastle, the blue supporters have criticized Jackson’s laid-back attitude. Chelsea supporters have taken to various platforms to express their displeasure over Jackson’s actions, questioning his commitment and focus.

“Idiot have you seen our league position, that’s enough motivation.”. Wrote an user. “Jackson is shameless”. Criticized another.

However, it must be pointed out that there is no conclusive evidence of the other voice being that of Jackson in the footage. Wett’s video did not reveal the speaker’s face. Despite the audio being the only proof, it seems like Chelsea fans really recognize the voice of their striker. Most are almost certain that it was the Senegalese striker on the other side of the phone.

This incident however has a more surprising aspect to it. It is noteworthy that it has just been a couple of weeks since the Senegalese forward posted a picture of the newborn baby on to get fans into thinking that he’s become a father.

But quickly after this Astrid Wett incident, he has been forced to clarify on that part. Jackson has since confirmed that the baby is actually his nephew and his brother’s child, making it clear that he did not have any child out of marriage.

This incident has surely raised questions about Jackson’s personality. Now Chelsea fans have to wait and observe how far this controversy trickles down and if Chelsea takes any action against their striker. But there is one thing certain- Chelsea Fans can’t catch a break.

Featured Image Source: Twitter