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Outrage as Astrid Wett and Leah Ray Degrade Jurgen Klopp with Lewd Tribute

Outrage as Astrid Wett and Leah Ray Degrade Jurgen Klopp with Lewd Tribute

It really feels like the end of an era for Liverpool, doesn’t it? Jurgen Klopp, arguably their greatest manager ever, has left the club at the end of the season. After nine years of progress, silverware and pure emotion, Klopp has been the catalyst of hope for the fans and made them believe again.

With all the tributes, messages of gratitude and godspeed pouring in for the German, it is hard not to see the impact he has had on the club and city of Liverpool.

However, with all the swell of support for Klopp, some of the tributes or ‘gestures’ haven’t gone down well with the fans.

Recently a video has been making the rounds online paying an ‘obscene’ or shrewd tribute to the departing Liverpool legend. Astrid Wett, a popular English social media influencer, mixed martial arts athlete and adult content creator on OnlyFans has come under immense fire for some acts of misdemeanor towards Jurgen Klopp.

With all the talk of an emotional goodbye, Wett who is a Chelsea fan, released a video online along with a fellow OnlyFans model and Arsenal fan Leah Ray paying tribute to the Liverpool great in her own way.

Both are receiving some serious backlash for giving a Klopp doppelganger a ‘flashy’ sendoff.

To add fuel to the fire, the impersonator, however alike is actually a beloved personality among Liverpool fans. ‘Cheeky Jurgen’ as he calls himself, has been seen engaging in content for views due to his striking similarity however with supreme respect for the original himself. Until now.

Regarded by many publications as the ‘best clone’ of the Liverpool great, he now finds himself in hot water following his public stunts with Astrid and Leah, degrading Klopp’s image.

The shrewd video is not the only collaboration between the three. Wett and Ray have been guilty of making some questionable content with the impersonator.

They even launched a video with some obscene themes which for all their harmless intentions are being seen as a gesture of massive disrespect for Klopp and a total disregard for his image. A case can also be made about Cheeky Jurgen feeling a bit uncomfortable while at it, as he proceeds to leave the scene everytime after delivering his lines, putting the two models in jeopardy.

If that wasn’t enough, they even further collaborated for content consisting of vulgar jokes.

Fans have had enough of these acts of shrewdness and are calling for some serious action against the trio, legal too if needs be.

Coming up with content, as it is a profession, is more than acceptable. However, a fine line is drawn when it oversteps boundaries and ends in defamation of a public figure.

Factor in the fact that Jurgen Klopp’s name is being used in the name of these acts, for all their entertainment purposes, it certainly won’t be received well by the people let alone the defamed themselves.

Content creation calls for an element of respect. Wett, Leah and Cheeky Jurgen have lost some for them.