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New Erling Haaland x Prime Bottle Mania Sweeps Across UK

New Erling Haaland x Prime Bottle Mania Sweeps Across UK

Popular energy drink Prime is really making some serious inroads in the football industry. A venture started by renowned influencers turned pro boxers Logan Paul and Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji known professionally and widely as KSI, their partnerships with football clubs and now players is really sweeping away the markets.

With all their tie ups, Prime recently entered into a collaboration with none other than Manchester City’s goal scoring Norwegian viking Erling Haaland. Logan and KSI have even come up with an inventive taste to celebrate the collab with a brand new ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ flavour.

It’s fair to say the all-new drink with Haaland’s name on it has induced a sense of fanatic mania across the United Kingdom and Twitter can’t get enough of it.

As the announcement was made merely days ago, the energy drink has already found its way to the stores in double quick time. It would be an understatement as to say that the availability of the drink has been met with massive anticipation. It’s an absolute wave and uproar of support in the markets.

People in the UK are celebrating the purchase with some ridiculous fervour, posting photos of their purchase online.

Apparently, the special hydration drink has been made available at a popular supermarket called ‘Home and Bargains’ in the UK. Seeing the rapid mania spread, other big name departmental stores such as ‘Iceland’ and ‘Food Warehouse’ are gearing up to house the nationwide sensation.

Even Manchester City fans are feeling it to be an obligation to support their star striker. Young children have been really pestering their parents to get their hands on the new Erling Haaland drink.

All things considered, the benefits of consuming Prime and the energy it provides deserves a look.

With its every 350 ml bottle, the consumer gets a gratuitous energy boost with 200 milligrams of caffeine for a mere 10 calories, which makes it an interesting and low-calorie option to include as drink of choice. The fact there is zero added sugar in the hydration drink, it could be an healthy addition to a balanced diet.

Some are even attributing their reasons behind the purchase to the various minerals and their high content present in it to boost their energy levels in order to keep their heart pumping.

With a 2 pound per bottle price tag, it certainly is an attractive buy for the fans and consumers alike. Not to mention the benefits of the drink available at such a reasonable price, makes it a no-brainer for the audience.

A big name such as Haaland collaborating with such an renowned brand of energy drink and with health benefits at such a lucrative price is dominating the markets at the moment. Add in the glamour of Logan Paul and KSI, and Prime Hydration has a perfect mix to sway fans away with crazy fervour.