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Who Wins in a Scrap? – Erling Haaland Faces Off against KSI, Logan Paul, Calfreezy and Tobjizzle in Promo Stunt for Prime

Who Wins in a Scrap? – Erling Haaland Faces Off against KSI, Logan Paul, Calfreezy and Tobjizzle in Promo Stunt for Prime

Surely this is not what people excepted when they said, we’ll see Prime Haaland this season right? The Norwegian however, in an interesting chain of events has partnered up with Logan Paul’s and KSI’s Prime Hydration to become the first ever footballer sponsored by the American hydration company.

Prime have already made waves in the Football sponsorship market, bagging deals with clubs like Arsenal, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich and have only added to their popularity and success having Haaland on board.

In a promotion video for the drink, Haaland and others provided us with a video that was comedic gold.

Tobjizzle and Calfreezy were also on set and were quick to join in on the fun making a video with the Norwegian along with Paul and KSI.

The video sees the Norwegian face off, boxing style against the 4 youtubers, finally breaking character and laughing when KSI enters the frame and both burst out with laughter. In the video, when Haaland turns towards Tobjizzle, one can only see the size difference between the two which makes the video even funnier.

Calfreezy even took to his social media, namely Instagram, where he posted a photo with the Norwegian in a ‘guns out’ pose adding more to the comedic element of this entire promotional campaign, asking the question “who wins in a scrap”. No offense to Freezy but i think we all know who’d come out on top if the two really went at it.

Haaland even had the time to touch up on his finishing, with KSI and Logan Paul challenging the Manchester City striker to score against them. The Norwegian smashed goals past both of them and even struck a half volley in the side corner when both of them were in goal together, which just goes to show his insane power and killer instinct

It was quite a full circle moment for Erling Haaland, being in a partnership with KSI as the Norwegian would often watch KSI and his brother Deji aka “Comedy shorts gamer’s videos when he was a teenager. He revealed so on an Instagram live during his time at Dortmund. A major reason behind this could be the fact that Haaland was born in Leeds and lived there for a brief time and developed a UK influence.

The Prime curse however, is something that has been a phenomenon as Arsenal were the first team to Partner up with the American Hydration company and lost the league, despite having a significant lead.

Haaland faced a similar issue just 2 days after announcing his partnership, he missed a first half penalty against Sheffield United. The second half however, was a different story, as the Norwegian regained his scoring touch tucking away a sumptuous cross from Jack Grealish.