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Jurgen Klopp supports Ukraine with custom LFC shirt during visit to local pub

Jurgen Klopp supports Ukraine with custom LFC shirt during visit to local pub

Liverpool are currently the busiest club in world football at the moment, as they chase a historic quadruple. Jurgen Klopp‘s side have been in scintillating form as of late, with the 4-0 decimation of Man United being their latest achievement. 

Despite the relentless fixture list, the German managed to make time and give fans a moment they’ll never forget. 

The Liverpool gaffer, alongside assistant Vitor Matos climbed on board the team bus and made a surprise visit to ‘Jurgen’s Bierhaus’, a pub named after him and located on Brunswick Street. Images soon emerged of the visit, and the German can be seen alongside overjoyed fans. 

As for the reason for his visit, he said, “I just had to come in and see my pub!” to the staff. 

A lovely touch from the 54-year-old, and going by the images he appeared to be enjoying the change of scenery as well. 

Grinning from ear to ear, his beaming smile could make anyone’s day, such was the case for the lucky patrons at the bar. 

Having a pub named after you is no easy feat, but considering just how loved Klopp is amongst the fanbase, we’re certain fans will be campaigning for a statue after the German’s stint is done. 

Additionally, Klopp was seen sporting a Ukraine-Themed LFC shirt, featuring the Liverbird painted in blue and yellow. Klopp has been vocal about his support for Ukraine, which currently faces immense hardship due to the Russian Invasion.

And he once displayed his support, in a truly classy manner, which gathered appreciation from fans online.

Unfortunately, the visit was short-lived, as Klopp and Matos left after a brief stop.

The short duration is perhaps due to preparations for the much-awaited Merseyside Derby coming up for Liverpool, a crucial 3 points at stake along with bragging rights.