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The world’s first football made entirely out of Adidas Predator boots

The world’s first football made entirely out of Adidas Predator boots

When you think of the most iconic football boot of all time, a few familiar names pop up. Nike’s Mercurials, the Puma ‘King’, Messi’s F50 etc. 

However, the definitive answer simply has to be the Adidas Predator.

Announced in 1994, the boot was a game changer. You saw it during Zidane’s majestic Roulettes, during Becks’ curling stunner, and you see its many successors today. 

The boot, as stated before, is iconic. 

Considering its place in football lore, how would you feel if a bunch of those beauties were cut up ruthlessly? Well, if the result is as gorgeous as this, we’d be prepared to let it go. 

Many fans seemed to share our opinion in relation to this clip from professional ball maker Jon-Paul on Instagram

As seen in the video, the user takes on the challenge of creating a football made out of the legendary boot. He can be seen cutting up boots individually and collecting cells for the ball.

The timelapse of the ball getting stitched is incredibly satisfying to see, it took the user 3 days to finish his creation.

In a first-of-its-kind attempt, the result manages to brilliantly display various elements of a bygone era, the many textures line up beautifully and are sure to send you on a nostalgia trip.

The final design carries an almost scrap-book resemblance, and the various editions of the boot blend together seamlessly. 

We’re eager to learn about its performance on the pitch. However, we’re sure many would prefer to keep the item as a collectable, considering the amount of history it captures.