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Jurgen Klopp completes 2-year contract extension to see out Anfield legacy

Jurgen Klopp completes 2-year contract extension to see out Anfield legacy

The current quadruple chasing Liverpool side are blessed with world-class talents everywhere you look. 

When a team comprises players such as Mo Salah, Virgil van Dijk, Thiago etc, you can’t help but wonder who the Reds’ marquee man is. 

But perhaps it’s justified to say that no single player is Liverpool’s most valuable asset. 

Instead, it’s a charming 54-year-old German from Stuttgart, who dubbed himself “the normal one” during his very first press conference in England. 

Rest assured, Jurgen Klopp is far from normal, in the best way possible. 

Klopp arrived at Liverpool after having broken the Bayern Munich monopoly in Germany with Dortmund, an outstanding feat. 

But the challenge awaiting him was set to be even more stern. 

His predecessor, Brendan Rodgers, had assembled the foundation for development, but unfortunately, his vision collapsed in the end. 

Herein lies the German’s greatest achievement, successfully completing a transitional cycle, taking Liverpool above and beyond the basic confines of ‘success’.

Klopp has collected all the ingredients for creating a dynasty in Merseyside, and it’s evident that he can feel it too. His intentions manifested in his latest contract renewal, keeping him at the club till 2026.

The announcement seemingly came out of nowhere, there appeared to be ominous silence around the matter, with the only development being Klopp’s previously stated desire to see out his deal in 2024.

No subtle cues, no hype, no build-up, all the proceedings occurred in the background ‘hush-hush’, and eventually, Reds fans received the best bit of news they could’ve asked for. 

The announcement video itself is Klopp exemplified. 

Instead of a highlight reel coupled with flashy graphics and sharp editing, the video was simply Klopp having a conversation with his adoring fanbase. 

The usual ingredients were present as well, the charming smile, subtle hints of confidence, and of course, his trademark humour. 

The lowkey address acts as a confirmation for Liverpool fans, and they can now prepare for 4 more years of ‘bear hugs’, fistbumps, and most importantly, plenty of silverware.