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Virgil van Dijk shows ultimate strength to pick up 95 kg Ibrahima Konate like a baby

Virgil van Dijk shows ultimate strength to pick up 95 kg Ibrahima Konate like a baby

Liverpool fans certainly found much to adore in their side’s performance against Villarreal in the Champions League Semi-Finals. 

After a tight first half, the Reds eventually breached the Yellow Submarine, thanks to a deflection by Estupinan, which sent the keeper the wrong way. 

The game gradually opened up from there, and Liverpool constantly went on the offensive. They recorded a second goal through Sadio Mane, after a clear pass from Mo Salah. 

Liverpool will now carry a 2 goal advantage when they visit the Estadio De La Ceramica for the second leg. 

Ever since the final whistle, Reds fans have been gushing over multiple moments from the game, including this one featuring Virgil van Dijk and Ibrahima Konate

Aside from being a display of the Dutchman’s strength, the moment also showcases just what Big Virg is all about. 

Van Dijk’s strength is no secret, and just about what you’d expect from a towering figure standing at 6’3.

He can shrug off attackers with ease, a mere shoulder nudge is enough, and you’ll rarely see the 30-year-old come up second in a physical contest. 

But this clip, perhaps, serves as the best illustration of Van Dijk’s power. 

As seen in it, Liverpool players queue up in the opposition box as they prepare for a set-piece.

From the looks of it, Van Dijk’s partner on the night, Konate had been clattered down to the floor, probably due to a challenge by an opposition player. 

The Frenchman rather delayed getting back up to his feet, something you simply can’t do on Van Dijk’s watch. 

The Dutch international proceeded to lift Konate back up to his feet with utmost ease, it appeared as if the defender was merely featherweight for Van Dijk. 

It becomes even more impressive when you realize that Konate weighs in at 95 kg, and going by the clip, Van Dijk barely flexed his muscles during the lift. 

The sheer strength on display serves as another reason why attackers often chose to stray away from facing Van Dijk one on one. After all, who would want to be on the receiving end of a full force shoulder barge from Big Virg?