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Get to Know Danny Aarons’ Secret New Girlfriend Tennessee Thresher

Get to Know Danny Aarons’ Secret New Girlfriend Tennessee Thresher

You have probably heard about Danny Aarons, a YouTuber with over 1.6 million subscribers. The London-born 21-year-old is known for creating football and gaming-related content.

His story of becoming famous revolves around streaming FIFA games, which he indulged in during the 2018 period. People enjoy his FUT Champions content, and his FIFA-related content has amassed over 600 million views by now.

Recently, he joined the UK Esports organization Excel Esports as a content creator. He is known to collaborate with various other YouTube channels like Sidemen to create engaging content.

It was during such a collaboration that he came in touch with Tennessee Thresher and recently, in an Instagram story, they revealed that they were officially a couple.

Instagram story featuring Tennessee Thresher
 and Danny Aarons

Their story begins in season 4 of ‘Locked in,’ a reality show by YouTube channel Footasylum.

Danny and Tennessee were two of the participant housemates, and it was during this time that they were introduced to each other.

During the two-week-long stay, there was quite a bit of flirtatious behavior among the two.

People had noticed the sparks, and the rumor mill had churned out some rumors regarding them being together.

They both had denied any such news being true for a long time in all their interviews and talk shows. So, while this might not be a big surprise to some, it has turned out to be sensational news for social media.

Tennessee Thresher is a well-known lifestyle influencer and model on Instagram with over 730k followers.

She was born in Surrey, England, on November 5, 2000, and has an even bigger following on TikTok currently (832k).

Tennessee Thresher in lingerie

Not only that, but she is an ambassador for the retail company Fashion Nova and has signed with the UK-based talent agency Muse. She has her own designed collection for Missy Empire up on the market too.

She loves to collaborate with big-name YouTube channels and podcasters and appears for interviews very frequently.

Tennessee Thresher

Recently, she was in the news for a boxing match against Paigey Cakey for the DAZN X Series YouTube channel, which was to settle a dispute between the two.

Talking about her love life, her last known relationship was with the British drill rapper Digga D (Rhys Angelo Emile Herbert), which started in 2021. It didn’t last long and had a mysterious ending to it. Since then, she has been single up until now.

According to Danny, they did not want to make it official yet but were caught by the internet detectives.

Danny had apparently posted while attending a darts game, and his comments were filled with questions about who he was watching the game with, giving a hint that the internet had noticed Tennessee being there.

He clarified this on his live stream and now has a video up on his main YouTube channel declaring that the two are together.

Now that it is official, the internet can’t get over it, and people are talking about gamers having hopes for a great relationship too.