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Patrick Bamford Net Worth: Does the Leeds Player Come From Easy Money?

Patrick Bamford Net Worth: Does the Leeds Player Come From Easy Money?

Patrick Bamford, the left footed magician for Leeds football club, scored a spectacular Puskas award worthy goal in the FA Cup yesterday in a 3-0 victory.

Time and again, the player has shown the championship side that he can carry them on their shoulders just like he has in the 2019-20 season to take them to the Premier league.

Recent times have not been kind to the attacking forward, and this was just his 2nd start for his team this season. He had a long drought of goals for a couple of years along with injuries, and everyone, including fans, was asking him to step up.

Interestingly, ‘he doesn’t have to play to earn some money’ was the common thought surrounding the player not long ago.

This was due to the player being rumored to be a relative of JCB chairman Anthony Bamford. This had caused people to wonder if he has a billionaire background and is playing football for fun.

Hearing all this, people are bound to wonder how much would the total net worth of the player amount to?

The fact is that he is not billionaire rich and doesn’t come from a very wealthy background. He cleared those rumors in an interview a few years back.

Currently, he is the joint-highest paid Leeds player in the team.

The English professional had joined Leeds in 2018 and signed a 4-year contract earning him £7m, rising to £10m. Later on, he signed a contract extension in 2021, which earns him a wage sum of around £70,000 weekly till 2026.

During his Premier League days, he used to bag around 3.5-4 million pounds annually.

Players have a relegation clause in their contracts usually, which makes their salaries take a hit. This might have caused his salary to halve, but according to statistic sites, this hasn’t happened.

There isn’t much family wealth to his name, but his private school upbringing caused people to think otherwise.

In reality, he comes from a middle-class family, with father Russel Bamford being an architect from Newark.

The family hails from Norwell, Nottinghamshire, and hence, he joined the Nottingham Forest academy.

Chelsea Football Club then locked down the exciting prospect for the next 5 years, where he was earning around a million pounds towards the end.

He was part of the loan squad mostly and didn’t get to start for them unfortunately. Then he transferred to Middlesbrough for a year before joining Leeds.

All these tenures helped him become the footballer that he is today and would have surely contributed to his total wealth.

Other than this, he has sponsorship and collaboration money coming in too. He is currently an ambassador of Hyloathetics.

Taking all this into account, the total net worth of Grantham, Lincolnshire-born striker is estimated to be around £13-15 million ($15-17 million).

He doesn’t just accumulate wealth but is also known for his philanthropic work as well. He works with charity organizations such as Eco schools, Leeds United Foundation, City Connect, etc.