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Meet Sebastiao, the Supportive Brother of Real Madrid Star Eduardo Camavinga

Meet Sebastiao, the Supportive Brother of Real Madrid Star Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga had to overcome a number of obstacles in his life before making it big at Real Madrid.

Born in a refugee camp in Cabinda, Angola – his family was troubled in a country at war. But one person who has always had his back is his elder brother Sebastiao Camavinga.

The oldest of the six Camavinga siblings, Sebastiao is four years older than Eduardo and has taken a different route in his career to the Real Madrid superstar.

Eduardo and Sebastiao Camavinga

While young Eduardo was keen on a footballing career from his youth, his elder brother worked on his studies to move into the fashion industry.

Sebastiao has gone on to become a hairstylist and opened his own hair salon in Madrid named ‘The Camavinga House’ after shifting to the city to keep Eduardo from getting homesick.

Jude Bellingham recently posted a picture of himself after getting a trim from Sebastiao at ‘Camavinga Cuts’, which can be availed at ‘The Camavinga House’ situated in Madrid.

Jude Bellingham getting a haircut at The Camavinga House

The hair salon was only recently opened by Eduardo and Sebastiao Camavinga, with the latter focusing on its operation and also acting as a barber for high-end clients.

A number of Real Madrid players like Bellingham, Antonio Rudiger, Rodrygo and Aurelien Tchouameni have all visited the Camavinga House to avail of its services.

Sebastien, who is four years older than Eduardo, was of a more matured age when his parents had to immigrate to France in the look for a better life.

He worked on his own education while young Eduardo excelled in youth football, but when it came to his younger sibling having to move to Madrid at the age of 19, he did not hesitate.

Sebastiao Camavinga giving Vinicius Junior a haircut

Sebastiao Camavinga is more of a relaxed, everyman rather than someone who earns millions at Real Madrid.

In fact, he is fond of using the public transport to get around Madrid, explaining: “I use public transport a lot because I think it is the best way to get to know and experience the city. By car it is not the same.”

Sebastiao has had to tweak his hair-cutting techniques to suit the needs of the Spanish people, which differs from those in France.

He also often goes to the Santiago Bernabeu to watch his younger sibling in action, having every game marked in his calendar at the hair salon too.

The eldest of the Camavinga siblings knows his responsibilities and has been a support system to Eduardo, helping him settle well at Madrid and become more self-confident.

Sebastiao Camavinga giving his brother Eduardo an haircut

With that being said, Sebastiao is also aware that he needs to do something for himself than cling onto the Real Madrid star all the time, as he said: “I have my life, I can’t always be by Eduardo’s side. He will grow up and start his family… and I have to make my life. And fulfill my dream, which is to build a large beauty salon in Madrid. But we are going to be here for many years, so why not in Madrid.”

The salon itself has state-of-the-art facilities and a gorgeous interior design that is guaranteed to attract the attention of people around Madrid.

In fact, one can actually book the services of the salon through Google itself and the prices are comparatively at an upper range. The price of a regular haircut, which should be done in 30 minutes, is priced at around €23. A haircut plus beard profiling can set you back about €33 and the cut for children up to 10 years is slightly lower at €17.

Interiors of The Camavinga House

The most expensive hair procedure that the Camavinga house offers you is creating dreadlocks from scratch, which is a tough and long event stretching 4 hours!

This will cost you a whopping €200, which is definitely more than what many people prefer to spend on their hairstyling.

Sebastiao Camavinga has nearly 100k followers on his Instagram and his popularity seemingly starts growing as more fans know about his story.

The Camavinga Cuts account has over 40,000 followers too and Sebastiao often uses social media to show off the slick trims for customers as a marketing tactic.

Going by how Sebastiao Camavinga has left his Real Madrid customers satisfied with his clean cutting technique, the Camavinga House should probably start attracting more and more customers in 2024.