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Eight Moments that Prove Jude Bellingham and Eduardo Camavinga are True Besties

Eight Moments that Prove Jude Bellingham and Eduardo Camavinga are True Besties

Jude Bellingham has adapted to life at Real Madrid as smoothly as fish to water. The Englishman has already become a highly popular figure among the fans and in the dressing room. The players love him and those in his age category seem to have grown especially close to the ex-Borussia Dortmund star.

However, Eduardo Camavinga appears to have formed a special sort of bromance with Bellingham. The two have only properly known each other for a few months now, but have absolutely hit it off on and off the pitch.

They seem to have become best friends who just can’t stay far from each other. In training, Bellingham and Camavinga are often seen together and love to rib with each other too. Indeed, the duo have often been seen looking really animated in training.

The two are also not exactly shy of showcasing their bromance on social media. They have been involved in some hilarious Instagram moments already and had fun in the comments section.

At one point, Camavinga commented on a post of Bellingham modelling a Real Madrid kit about how he loves his sunglasses, only for his teammates to reply ‘look at the kit’. The Frenchman also once posted a bizarre picture of Bellingham in an England training kit in one of his pictures.

Their first real interaction as Real Madrid teammates was also a memorable one. It happened in the flight to the USA for their pre-season tour and Camavinga was sitting next to Bellingham.

He continuously teased him as Jude tried recording a message for the fans about the season starting. It was probably his weird way of saying ‘Madridistas’ that the Frenchman found to be hilarious.

Bellingham also once took time to mock Camavinga’s dance skills after Real Madrid’s 4-0 win over Osasuna.

In the game, Vinicius Jr scored in the second half and celebrated it by dancing with Camavinga. Soon after the game, Jude mocked him for that by commenting ‘Two Sh*t dancers’ on Instagram.

The Frenchman bit back by asking him to put his dancing skills to the test in the future.

The duo have also hit it off outside the pitch and often travelled around away from Real Madrid duties too. They took a trip to France recently where Camavinga showed his teammates around his country.

They also shared this great moment towards the end of Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Girona that got caught on camera.

After the game, Bellingham approached Camavinga and pointed his finger at his face as if to tell him something, but it clearly seemed like he voiced his appreciation of his teammate more than anything else.

The two have been involved in some hilarious moments in training already, including one that happened in the USA pre-season tour. During their training session in Dallas, Bellingham tried to sneak up on Camavinga and kick him – only for the Frenchman to anticipate and hold his leg in a hilarious moment.

Camavinga recently renewed his Real Madrid contract to ensure that he’ll continue to play with Bellingham for years to come. However, he took some time away to post a picture of Bellingham in his underwear getting ready to take a shower during that special day.

The Englishman also bit back by posting a picture of Camavinga in his suited fit and wrote ‘world-class player and part-time maths teacher’. This is part of an ongoing joke that Camavinga can fit into any role due to his versatility.

The Real Madrid duo clearly love being around each other and goofing around, raising the team morale at the same time. Considering how the two players are pivotal to the team’s future success, fans will hope that their bromance continues to blossom.