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Kylian Mbappe’s Priceless Reaction as Fake Money Rains on Donnarumma: ‘Mpaypal For a Reason’

Kylian Mbappe’s Priceless Reaction as Fake Money Rains on Donnarumma: ‘Mpaypal For a Reason’

Last night’s Champions League between AC Milan and PSG did not go well for PSG as the Milan side came back 2-1 after conceding a goal in the first ten minutes.

Last night also saw some crazy behind the scenes drama take shape within the field, with a clear plan.

This was to shower the field with fake money, that had PSG goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma’s face printed on it. But why would the Milan fans do this?

AC Milan fans were not happy that Donnarumma, a talent that grew up with Milan and played for them, left for PSG for more money. What made things even worse was the fact that he went to PSG on a free transfer, costing AC Milan significant amount of money.

This enraged passionate fans to print fake money and call Donnarumma as “Dollarumma” for his betrayal.

But how does Kylian Mbappe factor into all of this?

Clips of fans throwing fake money at Donnarumma went viral on social media last night and in those clips, Kylian Mbappe has a great reaction to the actions of Milan fans. Kylian can be seen surprised, amused and little bit excited.

This Kylian Mbappe reaction was another hit with fans, who themselves have been showered with many Mbappe reactions and memes in the past few years and with this new one they shared their thoughts.

Many fans have drawn parallels between Donnarumma and Mbappe as his own contract is set to end next year and would be available to leave PSG on a free transfer.

It is no secret that Mbappe wants to join Real Madrid, after almost coming to a deal twice in the past two years.

Fans raised their concern saying Mbappe also knows that his situation might be the same next year if he leaves PSG for Real Madrid and that too on a free transfer.

Some fans poked fun at Mbappe for staying at PSG for the money, as LaLiga has a salary cap, that prevents bigger clubs from spending too much money that puts smaller teams at a disadvantage.

Some fans said he was looking at those fake money, as he wanted it all for himself. While some fans equated Mbappe’s reaction to the money as his happiness, alleging money makes him happy.

Some used creative word play such as ‘Mpaypal’. If the reaction to Donnarumma is this harsh, Mbappe should reconsider if he wants to leave on a free transfer and make PSG supporters betrayed.