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MPayPal: Real Madrid Fans Have New Slander Name For Kylian Mbappe

MPayPal: Real Madrid Fans Have New Slander Name For Kylian Mbappe

Real Madrid and their fans are Paris bound for the UEFA Champions League final, and if given a chance, both the team and its fans will probably storm Kylian Mbappe’s high-end residence before they face Liverpool at the Stade de France. 

All the wait, speculation, and premature celebrations ended a few days ago when the 23-year-old Frenchman decided that he will not take the throne in Madrid, discarding the royal history, and would rather build a new legacy in Paris with the gift of power and immense money that anyone could offer.

A signing bonus of 300 million euros and the power to bring in or remove players from the squad is only a testament to what Mbappe is worth to Paris Saint-Germain, whose President, Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants the team centred around the Frenchman. 

Despite Mbappe clarifying that he chose to be closer to his home, and his family and propel PSG to greater heights, the Madridistas were furious and could smell the bullsh*t from miles away. For them, Mbappe was the chosen one, his coronation was planned, his chants were about to be sung, his past mistakes were agreed to be overlooked, and the revamped Santiago Bernabeu was to be the Colosseum where Mbappe would run riot every weekend. 

Everything was promised until all of it was denied to the fans of Los Blancos. This led to a widespread cancellation of Mbappe across the fan club who wanted his head on a spike for betraying the biggest club in the world. Paul Pogba is a recent example who once turned his back to Florentino Perez and is still looking to make amends for his blasphemy. 

Even though Mbappe mentioned that the doors to Real Madrid aren’t closed for him as he still has an undying love for Los Blancos but for now, the fans are out for his blood with every chance they get. For them, it’s clear that Mbappe stayed for the money and his greed got the better of him.

Real Madrid fans have used Mbappe’s greed to rename him in such an oddly humorous fashion that even if he someday joins the club, these bizarre names will never leave his shadow. ‘Mbarassing’, ‘Mb*stard,’ ‘MbaPay,’ and the one that has struck the chord the most is ‘MPayPal.’

Clearly, money seems to be on the minds of the fans when taking Mbappe’s case, but they displayed their disappointment with so many names by now that it’s almost hard to keep track. ‘Mbum,’ ‘MBitcoin,’ ‘Mbanking’ — all will now be etched in Mbappe’s memory if he dares to join Real Madrid one day.

For now, Mbappe is on a new crusade with PSG till 2025 while Real Madrid will remember this betrayal when the Frenchman comes running to seek redemption.