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Unravelling The Gianluigi Donnarumma Bayern Tweet Mystery

Unravelling The Gianluigi Donnarumma Bayern Tweet Mystery

PSG star Gianluigi Donnarumma is among the most popular goalkeepers in world football. At the age of 23, the Italian has already achieved some impressive stuff and been involved in dramatic moments.

The 23-year-old played a major role in Italy’s success in the Euro 2020, helping them win the final penalty shootout against England.

He also won the Yashin Trophy (Best Goalkeeper award) in the 2021 Ballon d’Or ceremony for his heroics.

At 6’5, he is perfectly built for a goalkeeper and is among the very best in the world in his role.

Donnarumma has also gained popularity over the years, having a large number of followers across his social media accounts.

The 23-year-old has over 260,000 followers on Twitter and 4.8 million followers on Instagram. As is the case with many high-profile sportspersons these days, Donnarumma has someone manage his social media activity for him.

What did Donnarumma do?

Indeed, a lot of footballers have their representatives make posts for them. This is done to ensure they don’t end up posting things that can hamper their images or do stuff they’d regret.

Donnarumma often makes posts celebrating wins with PSG, but recently, something truly odd happened on his Twitter account.

After Bayern Munich’s 4-2 win over Wolfsburg on Sunday, the Italian goalkeeper ended up tweeting about their success as if he was involved in it.

He posted a number of pictures of Bayern players celebrating with the tweet: “Three points in the bag! #FCBayern #MiaSanMia.”

Fans were left totally bamboozled because this tweet – which was swiftly deleted afterwards – made no sense.

Donnarumma never played for Bayern and has no affinity with them.

Some started speculating over whether he could be pushing for a future move to the Bavarians, who might be looking to move on from Manuel Neuer.

The reality behind Donnarumma’s Bayern post

It has since been discovered that Donnarumma’s odd post was not a case of him flirting with the Bundesliga club.

It was just a case of a mistake by his social media manager. Donnarumma shares the same agent – previously Mino Raiola and now Rafaela Pimenta – with Bayern defender Matthijs de Ligt.

There’s a good chance that both players are being managed by the same agency assigned to make social media posts for the players’ official accounts.

The particular person ended up making a grave mistake by mistakenly tweeting out the celebratory post on Donnarumma’s account rather than De Ligt’s.

The Tweet from the Italian goalkeeper’s account was swiftly deleted and the exact same tweet then appeared on De Ligt’s account – further proving that it was obviously meant for the Dutch defender.

In the world of football, PR companies are often given the job of multi-tasking and managing the social media accounts of multiple footballers or football teams.

The Bundesliga, for one, has assigned all the US (English) accounts of their teams to be managed by one specific PR brand that is situated in the USA.

Unfortunately for the PSG goalkeeper, his community manager – probably in the midst of a rush – ended up posting the elements designed for De Ligt in his account. It was probably a case of an innocent mistake, but one that might cost the person their job.

Of course, there is no confirmation over whether Donnarumma is replacing his social media manager after the incident because he hasn’t commented on this error – this error could urge footballers to keep a strict check on who is posting what stuff on their social media accounts.