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Fans Shocked By How Old Jay-Z Looked At The Grammys

Fans Shocked By How Old Jay-Z Looked At The Grammys

The 65th edition of The Grammy Awards was a characteristically star-studded affair, as the world’s biggest musical acts turned up to the Arena for a night of celebration.

Among the superstars in attendance were the likes of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Adele, Bad Bunny and many others.

This edition of the Grammys celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop with multiple special performances and appearances from some of the GOATs of the craft.

The Recording Academy roped in iconic names such as Ice-T, LL Cool J, Questlove and Hova himself, Jay-Z.

Founder of Roc Nation, a stakeholder in Tidal and a self-made billionaire, the rapper has long moved on from dropping intricate bars dipped in grime and street culture.

But his presence at the Grammys was strictly to celebrate the ‘Culture’, and of course, the unprecedented success of his wife Beyonce.

While the headlines were dominated by Harry Styles and his album-of-the-year triumph, HOV stole the show right before the curtains closed.

Seated in a last supper-esque setting, he performed his stellar verse from DJ Khaled’s posse-cut ‘God Did’, a track which features other titans like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and John Legend.

The rapper executed his 4-minute-long verse to perfection, showcasing his MC abilities to the fullest.

But while his songwriting and rapping talents have aged like fine wine, his appearance sadly has not.

After users on Twitter were done being wowed by the performance, their attention quickly drifted onto his aged face.

Currently, aged 53, seeing a bit of facial maturity on the rapper is only natural.

However, fans were surprised at just how old Jay-Z really looked.

With wrinkles all over his face, bags under his eyes, and Dreads that have seen better days, HOV looks like he’s set for retirement.

Fans went on to compare him to one of his contemporaries in Lil Wayne, who at the age of 40, already looks worse for wear.

Another comparison saw Star Wars’ Kit Fisto get roped into the mix…and yeah, the similarities are pretty stark.

Age has evidently gripped the rap icon, and he certainly looks to have embraced it. But I suppose that comes easy when you’re a billionaire and married to Beyonce.

Nevertheless, the man himself remains a legend, and with his incredible performance on the night, he gave fans a Grammy moment to remember for decades to come.