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How Former Player Alex Scott Brought Taylor Swift Closer To Arsenal

How Former Player Alex Scott Brought Taylor Swift Closer To Arsenal

With football’s popularity seemingly breaking all boundaries, more and more crossovers are beginning to pop up.

Be it Youtubers, actors, F1 racers, or everything in between, the crossovers are all limitless.

In recent weeks, the worlds of music and Footy have come together on multiple occasions.

Be it Erling Haaland taking a page out of DJ Khaled’s playbook, or Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem catching an Arsenal game, the world’s biggest stars are interested in the world’s biggest sport.

The most recent crossover is a rather momentous one, and it even featured an extremely wholesome moment.

It all occurred on The Graham Norton Show, hosted by, you guessed it, Graham Norton. The British talk show serves as sort of a melting point, as it usually brings together the most popular American and British celebs for the same segments.

On this occasion, it was English Football Hall of Famer Alex Scott alongside Top-charting music icon Taylor Swift.

Fresh off the release of her latest number 1 album ‘Midnights’, the 32-year-old happens to be an avid USWNT fan and a supporter of women’s football in general.

Seated alongside actor Eddie Redmayne, U2 vocalist Bono and Scott, the singer couldn’t help but share her excitement on meeting the former Arsenal fullback.

Scott replied in kind, leading to an incredible moment between the two.

Gooners online got reasonably excited upon seeing their club legend hang out with the iconic artist, and some fans online even made sure to remind the 38-year-old of doing some Arsenal PR.

Swift’s club loyalties are unknown to the public at the moment, and it’s likely that she currently supports no particular side except for the USWNT. 

With a bit of a nudge from Scott, there’s potential for the singer to be swayed towards the red half of London.

After all, there’s no better representative of a club than a club legend herself. 

If the 38-year-old happened to have succeeded, we couldn’t help but wonder whether Arsenal has the most impressive group of celebrity fans. With Taylor Swift potentially in their ranks, it’s definitely worth a shout.