Fabrizio Romano Gets Into Twitter Beef Over Hot Take On Cristiano Ronaldo

No matter the circumstances, Cristiano Ronaldo remains an incredibly popular topic.

Every goal is a headline, every slump is a headline, and every handshake snub is a headline.

Just hop on over to your preferred social media platform and type in CR7, thousands of posts should pop up immediately.

As a result of the incredible attention, Ronaldo attracts, it’s easy to farm clicks using his name.

The stan accounts on Football Twitter do it and so do Football publications.

By the looks of it, even Fabrizio Romano is guilty of occasionally tapping into the boundless Ronaldo well.

The transfer market expert has earned plenty of fame in the Football world, mostly through his incredible coverage of player transfers.

But with the market closed and transfer activity on the minimal, the Italian has often picked up other topics of interest.

Among them are the various developments surrounding the 38-year-old and his current spell at United.

From leaving Old Trafford early to potentially leaving Manchester United entirely, ‘Ronny’s’ been quite active.

And as soon as an update hits the internet, Romano is there with a summary, fitted neatly into the 280-word limit.

It’s quite literally a summation as well, as the journo rarely adds any insight, and on occasions, he just tweets out the fact that Ronaldo scored a goal.

Nevertheless, it’s his audience and his account, Romano is free to do whatever he wishes, and for all we know, he may just be a CR7 fan.

But fans are beginning to catch onto the trend, and one user even called out the Italian in his comments.

The reply came underneath Romano’s tweet after Ronaldo netted against Sheriff. It read ‘You had this sitting ready to post for sure!’

The 29-year-old is no stranger to replies such as these, which are usually snarky or derogatory in nature.

In the past, the Journo simply let the noise fade away, but nowadays, Fabrizio wants all the smoke.

He cheekily fired back at the user saying ‘it’s not that difficult to put 15 words together while watching a game, bro’.

Another user then went on to question the importance of his initial tweet, and on this occasion, Romano was rather blunt with his rebuttal.

He said ‘next time I’ll ask you for permission before tweeting mate’

Pissing off the normally patient journo is a difficult task, but once it happens, he really claps back effectively.

The condescending ‘bro’ or ‘mate’ at the end is especially brutal, and we sincerely hope he employs the use of ‘lil bro’ in the future.

You know, for maximum damage.

Nevertheless, the interactions went on to show that Fabrizio Romano is no amateur at beefing, come at him at your own peril.