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What’s Erling Haaland Doing With DJ Khaled’s Catchphrase?

What’s Erling Haaland Doing With DJ Khaled’s Catchphrase?

What’s common between Erling Haaland‘s goals and DJ Khaled’s songs? There’s always Another One

Popular DJ, songwriter and producer DJ Khaled is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters in the world of music and luxury.

He releases albums year after year with the biggest names in the global music industry and also drops hundreds of posts and stories on social media about his incredible lifestyle. 

His most recent album, “GOD DID”, was released earlier this year and created quite a buzz, with the context being that when no one believed in us, God still did. 

The hour-long album was all over social media before it was released because of the hype that was created around it. 

The title track ‘God Did’ featured some legendary artists from the music industry like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake and John Legend. 

Khaled is usually not very involved in the songs, musically. To feel more involved, he has now started saying one-liners or intros in every song. The same goes for God Did. 

Before the song starts, there is a snippet that plays in the background in which Khaled talks about how others didn’t believe in him, they hated on him and were jealous, and only God was on his side, which provides an explanation for the name of the album and the track. 

This phrase has now found itself in the world of football. And via the hottest commodity in the sport at the moment. 

Erling Haaland, who’s setting all sorts of records since his move from Dortmund to Man City this summer, referred to the phrase “God Did” in an Instagram story after his sensational performance against Manchester United on Sunday.

This Haaland x Khaled link is not a surprise though.

Haaland is a well-known DJ Khaled fan. In April of 2021, he was seen wearing a shirt from the DGxKhaled line, which is a Dolce Gabbana and DJ Khaled collaboration. 

There was even some friendly banter between the two on social media, who kept reposting each other’s stories about Haaland wearing this shirt.

Coming back to the current Instagram story, it is safe to assume that the Norwegian is talking about how people doubted his ability to survive in the Premier League.

He says how “they ain’t believe in us” and “God did” in a clear alignment with Khaled’s song, so it is obvious that he is using those lyrics to put a point of his own across. 

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that this isn’t the first time the City superstar has referred to this song.

Haaland first referred to this song after his first PL hat trick during the 4-2 win against Palace in August.

His next game, against Nottingham Forest, got him his second hattrick, and with that, the second reference to Khaled’s lyrics.

And he has done it again after his latest three-goal game, against United yesterday.

We see a trend emerging.

It seems Haaland is calling out all those haters at every opportunity, with evidence that he has proven them wrong and that he is indeed cut out for PL.

Having proved his credentials in Germany, and now in England, we are sure that these non-believers are converting to fans super quick.

And no matter if you support him or not, he is here to stay, and he is going to score another one.